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Use with a Bogner Alchemist


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I have recently acquired a Bogner Alchemist head (2nd hand but in mint condition very small use by the 1st owner)
but the footswitch is not working properly switches things in a very chaotic manner !
it means that it doesn't trigger the good functions like for instance i can manage to switch in between channels by using the Boost switch or i cannot deactivate the Boost on the Lead channel or i can deactivate the Boost on the Clean with the Delay switch N so on...
I have tried to make a good cleaning with some Deoxit spray on each switch + the XLR plug N moreover looked inside the FS box but  everything seems ok on the circuit board (from the cosmetic view) nothing broke or oxidized
The Head itself is working like a charm on the sonic aspect
i got this amp with with TAD Premium 6L6GC-STR Black Plate power tubes setup by a local shop
(the Preamp tubes are almost new as well)
I've read here on the Line6 forum that a wrong BIAS could affect the switching relay or such
some Teks have told me on other forums that from the circuitry schematic of the amp it is not possible that the Bias may affect the XLR relay /// Could somebody @ Line6 may help me out to fix this issue ?
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