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Fractal AX8 vs. Helix STEEL CAGE MATCH! We declare a winner.


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You're absolutely right!


But AX8 needs less effort for me to get the sound that I want than Helix.


How about that?


I agree and disagree here but everyones mileage varies. Did I find stock presets better on AX8? Yes. But I also found that despite the addition of a meter I had a more difficult time balancing scenes vs snapshots and it was far easier to make AX8 clip. The Helix takes a little tweaking to make presets decent but once you learned the tricks for your rig I find it  easier to make your own. Ii have had a Helix since day one and my name came up on the AX8 list just two months later so I gave both  a run through.  But seriously both  are great and you can't goo wrong either way (unless you are just to lazy to learn).

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