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  1. I think it was reorder setlist. I will try a factory reset and restore tomorrow but I doubt that will help. It was fine earlier today so I know the update did it. And it isn’t like a bad patch. I forget how to force an update. I downloaded the update too I might see if Line 6 update will reinstall it in case I got a corrupt download. My son just told me his is like that on 3.0. Weird. Never noticed it before.
  2. I think it was reorder setlist. I will try a factory reset and restore tomorrow but I doubt that will help. It was fine earlier today so I know the update did it. And it isn’t like a bad patch. I forget how to force an update. I downloaded the update too I might see if Line 6 update will reinstall it in case I got a corrupt download
  3. Doesn’t hurt anything unless you are OCD.
  4. Look at the label on the second knob. I noticed it straight away after update and restoring presets it stayed (which it would). No errors in install. Went flawlessly.
  5. I believe there is a bug in 3.01.0. What did the second knob say? Lol check photo
  6. Way late to this thread. I live my Helix. It was released around the same time as AX8. I had a pre-order for Helix and was on the AX8 wait list. I got both. I played with both for a few months. At that time Helix was a bit behind. The AX8 presets were 10x better then (Still better but not as much). And modulation effects line reverbs and delays were much better..But AX8 was a pain to use live. I had to do multiple toe taos and use two expressions to do what I wanted because trying to edit in the fly was damned impossible. So I decided to sell the AX8. I am mostly happy I did. The Helux has just gotten did fractal, but with the ease of use it's hard to beat. I will day from hearing and seeing an AXFX3 in person I don't know if I had to choose one which I would go with. The reverbs in the Helix are still just passable. I tend not even to use the new models. I tweak the old. Spring on the Helix is just bad. Sorry. I thought maybe with 3.0 we might get a new Spring model instead of the old two. They are ok if you want just a light verb behind things, but there is zero drip. I know that's tough to reproduce. Fractals is better but maybe not a ton. But in the other verbs and delays they just sound better to me. Shimmers better, decays better. But is it enough so to justify the price and will most even notice? Probably not. In some other areas I think the Helix is better. Some if the ODs and boosts top their counterparts in AXFx (head to head mideks, not quantity). So it's a tough call. I think if someone offered the right price for the right guitar I have I would sell it and the Helix for the AX3. But I am also afraid I might regret it from a ease if use standpoint. As someone sneaking up on 60 it amazes me how good both companies have gotten. 10 years ago I was still not giving up my Amos and effects. The stuff was close but not there. Now, I can't imagine using my last two Amps for anything other than corner if the living room practice toys. Kudos to Line 6 and Fractal.
  7. Very late reply but with the EV it makes a huge difference whether it's set to pole or floor. Using it with floor might actually be preferable on the stand because it cuts a little bass. I set it to +2 treble and - 8 bass. It has a lot of clear bass so it can be adjusted to your taste but that's a good starting point. That is in my small room. Even in a pole it's close enough to the wall it accentuates the bass. It sounds fantastic. I want to hear the Headrush 8inch sometime to see if it might be better in my small room but I love the ZLX so maybe not. I definitly can notjustify the Line 6 power cab, at least at its price.
  8. I would suggest to backup everything then do a reset and make sure you select an option that resets globals. Then before restoring your back up try a factory preset with your DAW or create a blank preset with a mic input and see what your DAW says. If it looks OK then restore and see if it is OK. If restoring brings the issue back then you know it's probably globals or a rogue patch causing issues.
  9. You should be able to download the actual current firmware file from the website (not the editor). It should be the extension you need.
  10. Is this the guitar you are using? What brand, wood material, what type of pickups and what brand of strings?
  11. A teaser comment was made that we will be blown away when 3.0 comes out. It would not surprise me if we never see 2.9 and sometime next spring it jumps right to 3.0. There might be a few more 2.8.x bug updates if needed. I could be totally wrong. As others have said these threads are totally useless. They Line 6 guys have stated many times over that they will NEVER say what will be in a future update. Once or twice they have posted the next release info and then had to pull it making it look like they told us early. They have said it so many times they will no longer even comment in a thread like this.. Just do a search (I know search sucks on this forum). You may need to go back a couple years.. Lol.
  12. Agree on the Variax. I have tried them three times. I actually like the Standard better then the heavy JTV 69 I had so I got another standard. I still wasn't thrilled with the models so a basically new Black Standard with upgraded Graphtech Ratio tuners (also black) that just sits on my rack. I realize I have too many nice guitars that cover a lot of the ground. But to me guitar modeling just isn't there yet. I know a lot disagree. I only use mine if I want a strat and lp for a very short set were swapping isn't practical. It is a great tool for that. But I only play at church. Especially with the health scares the last year and half (why I have not been around as much or was crabby when
  13. I figure we are just that much closer to 3.0
  14. I think everyone of us that were in on the very first run of Helix had open box, though they were packed very well after firmware was installed. I got mine from Sweetwater and its a one day ship from them to my location so I had it quickly. I would NEVER trust. Musicians Friend or Guitar center. I have had way to many issues with both over the years including returned damaged items shipped to me as new. Both GCs in the area are an hour away (actually three that close) so I might ship to store and inspect it. I would also trust NStuff Music. They are local and do a fairly big online service. I have had good luck with Riff City also.
  15. BigRalphN

    Headrush FRFR

    I use an EV ZLX series on a pole. I did have on the floor but needed the floor space. It works quite well for the cost. You do have to do some playing with the settings(pole VS. Floor) and I cut the bass just a hair more.
  16. Much later I switched to Chad Bostons screen and strip protectors. They are thick but still look nice. I dropped a Thalia capo on the screen and it didn't even make a mark. Anyone that knows how Thalias are made knows that's an achievement.
  17. Maybe Helix 2. I highly doubt it's built into this one though the comment was once made there are still things to be turned on within the Helix.
  18. I agree with more classic clean stuff. Enough with the high gain. Bring more classic rock okdrr uses in and see sales increase.A Tone King Imperial would be amazing. A good amp needs to clean up and a couple if the high gains do that beautifully. But I still find clean slightly sounds lacking. True clean. Tons of slightly clean there.
  19. I have occasional bugs between Helix and Variax. I have had two Standard Varie(current is a standard) and a JTV 69. I had the same bugs with all three and have now reproduced it on three Helix units though I have no idea what causes it. Occasionally I when I switch models on the Variax, or patches on the Helix, I lose sound from the Variax. I can plug the a regular guitar in and it's fine. The only way to restore Variax sound is reboot the Helix. Both units current firmware and using a VDI cable. One time I hit the joystick and sound returned. That was just once. The other is sort if similar but instead of losing sound every model on the Variax suddenly has a, plunky/Resonator /banjo sound. Every model. Sounds real funky on Les Paul. Again, nothing will fix it but a Helix reboot. Turning models off and on or unplugging and plugging back in the Variax does nothing. It doesn't happen everyday but happens enough that I would not trust a Variax live. I know tons do not have this issue but I know others that do. I don't see any sense in sending anything back because of the number of units I have reproduced it with. It is frustrating when it happens.
  20. Sound exactly the same unless you can roll back to firmware 1.9.
  21. I should add to my above comment that both were on the same firmware.
  22. I would say there has been a pattern. There seems to be a release around each Namm, summer and winter. Then if needed there are minor fixes.
  23. I did put a fret wrap above the nut. Oddly I can't recreate the issue this morning. That has been part of the issue. Sounds great today.
  24. One other comment. The actual models and variax board are Identical as are the models. There is zero difference in modeled tones between the two and anyone who perceives such is just getting the placebo effect. We did a few blind listens in a shop when I had my JTV with a standard into the same amp. No difference. In fact we were accused of not switching a few times.
  25. I agree with you except that I had issues with the weight of the JTV and my chest port. The JTV was real heavy. My friend actually has the JTV. I could possibly work a trade with him fr the Standard as he is talking about putting the Variax stuff in another guitar because he can't deal with the weight.
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