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Volume Issue (not patch to patch related)


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Tuesday last week, I bought a Peavey ValveKing 100W used and a 2x12 Carvin custom made cabinet.  We had our annual 3rd of July party, where my band plays in my backyard for a few hours, and I took the chance of using this combo for the first time live.  I will need to work on my sounds a bit, but that's what the Firehawk is for, all is good there.


My problem was, in order for me to get a good loud sound, I needed to crank up the master volume on the Firehawk and run the amp at about 2/3 volume level.  I'm only using the clean channel on the amp and letting the patches give the modeling, I had plenty of power even for the open venue, but the output of the amp is low.  If I switch to the Line Output mode, of course it gets extremely loud.  Line output sounds fine, just a bit more noise, but tons more volume.  I'm simply hooking my external volume pedal to the effects loop and 1/4 output of the Firehawk to the In 1 on the amp.  Nothing tricky.  Did try the 4 cable method a little bit ago, would have to completely change all my tones for that too work properly, and still the volume was real low.


I'm curious about your experiences with that.   Should I run in Amp Output or Line Output?  Will Line Output damage my amp?





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Are you using amp models in the firehawk or just effects?


If your using amp models you should get better results by plugging into the fx return of the peavey if it has one , this will bypass the tone stack of the peavey.


Also try turning the cab models off as it can sound washed out if your running your signal through a cab sim and a real cab as you're effectively filtering the tone twice.


You can also press the volume knob in once and see where you have the white led's set, I find 50% gives me the best sound. I don't know the reasons why but if I have it set too low or too high it can do horrible things to the tone

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Thanks mbeddall.


I should have messed around a little more before posting, but maybe someone else will find this helpful.  


While moving my fx loop in the chain, I noticed the 'send' and 'return' levels for the loop.  I started out by maxing them to +12db, to see how much effect it would have, well I'll be, I needed to turn the amp down to about 2 on the 10 scale.  Then I also could turn down the master volume (red ring).


So now I'm going to play with levels using my sound db meter and try again to level out all the tones.  I'll set the amp to 3 of 10, visual volume pedal (in the fx loop) to 7 of 10, the master on the Firehawk to about 1/3, guitar in to 1/2 (as you stated) and +10db on the fx loop.  I'll see how loud that is, might be too much already.  I'll set my tones to the digital levels, then to the ear levels.


It's a plan, don't know if it's a good one :)

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I got lucky with my set up , playing into a stagesource lt3, firehawk set halfway and speaker set halfway is perfect volume-wise for rehearsal and gigs, easy for me to remember.

I do use the built in compressor to get a bit more out of the clean tones though

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