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How to delete user tones in mobile pod ???


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I'm using the mobile pod 2.0.2 on IOS (ipad air )


and I cannot find the button :"delete" after selecting one or several user tones ....


besides, when I save a tone as "Trash" for instance, if it already exists : it creates another Trash tone ....with exactly the same name ...


thank you for your help, I'm starting to despair ....



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To delete Tones - just like deleting things in other iOS apps, if you swipe left on any tone within your Tones list you'll get the DELETE button.


I think it is expected that the app will allow you to create more than one Tone with the same name, but it should warn you before you do that. (I'm using the latest Mobile POD 2 version and iOS 9). If I choose Save As for a Tone and then don't edit the name to be different, I see it pop up a warning telling me it is a duplicate name, but will allow me to "save anyway" and create another Tone with the same name. You should have the chance to change the name if you want. If you just choose Save instead of Save As, then it looks to me like it overwrites the current Tone instead of creating a duplicate by the same name. Are you seeing something different?


Hope that helps.

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