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USB driver crashing Cubase


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Hmm, I just started working with Cubase 8.5 64 bit on Windows 10 with my Helix (driver 1.78) and all working great so far. Are you sure you've selected the "ASIO Helix" driver in Cubase's Device's > Device Setup?  Maybe also try a different sample & bit rate for your project in Project > Project Setup (although 44.1, 48 and 96k at 24 or 32 bit all work fine for me so far)?


Sometimes a particular USB port can be finicky on Windows PCs too, and might be sharing bandwidth with other devices. Maybe try connecting Helix to a different USB 2 or 3 port on the back of your PC.


Hope that helps!

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I'm working with Cubase pro 8.5 (64bit) on W10 with the Helix for about 6 month's now and never had a problem like yours?!

Check your USB asio driver and try changing USB port. Don't use a hub, but choose a port on the back of your PC.


Hope this helps for you. Normally all should work OK.

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