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  1. Thanks so much for testing! Weird though.., I'll test further to see what it can be.
  2. Hi, data: HX floor 3.01 HX Edit 3.0 Windows 10. I found something weird in the bass amp section since I'm using the 3.01 version, I don't know if it happened already in older versions. I use a lot the Agua 51 bass amp for my fretless tone (who doesn't want to sound like Gary Willis.. lol) and I discovered that when I set the mid tone all up to 10, the patch stops outputting signal (sometimes I have to wait a few seconds, before the silence kicks in). I have tested and repeated it several times on a clean patch. Amp+cab or just amp, connected with HX editor...., not connected to computer and edit directly on the HX floor... All the same silence? Can someone confirm this is a bug? Thanks, Lucien
  3. Like The_Elf said. Choose your asio device in the right panel of your studio setup, by clicking on "VST Audio System"! In Windows, you can only have 1 actve, unfortunately ;-) You should better save your busses configuration in the audio connection panel for all your asio devices (you have to configure your Helix Asio busses properly before). In that case it's easy to switch cards, by selecting the proper bus configurations :-) I personally use mostly my Motu Ultralite's asio, and record Helix via the spdif in, and only switch to the Helix asio, when i need to record my dry guitar signal together with my processed one (usb7), but that's me ;-)
  4. 100+ :-) thanks! So much agree with this!
  5. I like it all :-) But would have loved to see the Spdif bug that's annoying me for 2 years, be fixed too. Oh well new toys sells better than bug fixes, I understand ;-) HX reverbs is a great and longtime awaited contribution. Bravo!
  6. Je n'ai pas de Mac ni Focusrite, mais chez moi je peux régler le gain de Spdif dans le mixeur de Motu?! Le Helix à dans ces réglages globaux, la possibilité de régler le niveau de volume spdif, mais c'est déconseillé, car tous les sorties digitales (inclus usb) sont déjà au 0.0 db!! Si le volume est faible, il est sage de vérifier toute la chaine du signal, donc le volume de tous les blocks dans le patch. Ainsi le gain côté l'interface audio Focusrite. Si on passe par le USB (donc l'ASIO du Helix) on ne peux que régler le volume dans le DAW. Encore..l'USB sortie est déjà au 0db ;-) Pour le live, je ne peux pas te conseiller, je ne joue que direct dans un PA et utilise les amplis et eq du Helix. (Helix a des EQ et pre-amplis aussi non?) Désolé, c'est tout ce que je peux faire pour toi. Lucien
  7. Moi j'ai branché mon helix directement à mon PC via le usb, ET en meme temps par le Spdif vers mon MOTU ultralite! N'aucune problème de volume ici. Vérifiez quand même, si le 'gain' d'entree de ton focusrite est bien réglé ?! En utilisant et l'usb et spdif, je peux choisir comment je enregistre ma guitare ;-) N'oublie pas non plus les réglages du volume des sortis dans l'options globale du Helix!
  8. Like you said, turn off reverberation and delays (except if the delay is really a part of your sound, but keep it low). For the rest tweak EQ, pass filters etc.. in your DAW after, like you would do normally to get a track in the mix ;-) Also record the dry guitar signal too, as it can be useful to 'dry up' your sound or just to have extra to play with!
  9. lulu_m

    Bass tones

    I suggest to use your DAW (if you have one, if not there are some good free ones out there) and try some tone maching: 1. Set up your old eleven rack bass sound on 1 track and load it with a good EQ to see it's freq. spectrum. 2. Set up a Helix track, and use or set up a Helix patch and try to get as close as possible to the original setup you used in eleven (so Ampeg and the rest). Activate EQ on it. 3. Record some groove and see where the freq spectrum's are different and try to get it as close matching as possible, using an EQ block in your Helix patch (not the global, please ;-)), or the knobs on your Ampeg block. 4. You must get it very close to the original with this method! Good luck.
  10. I think this is a known bug on all units!! I have the same dropouts on my spdf output and it seems to occur every 20-30 minutes or so (at least it's very regular and repetitive ;-)) It's a real P.I.T.A. but to my knowledge Line 6 is aware of this problem and will not deal with it before firmware version 3.0, but please correct me if I'm mistaken!
  11. I don't use reaper, but in Cubase i'll have this when I activate 'internal monitoring'. Check to see if reaper has this feature too, and turn it off!
  12. I agree with you that the helix looper block, as it is right now, is nothing more than a gimmick! Unusable as a serious looper functionality ;-) We don't have to use it of course, as it's just a function block, but even so.., I guess it is not up to the professional standards of this machine nor that of it's buyers. Tmho, line 6 should better, OR improve it, OR toss it. I don't really need gimmicks on this nice machine, just quality fx's and features!
  13. I like to use, for e-guitars, a dual cab with one ribbon 121 and one m57. On both I dial in a touch (around 5- 10) of direct reflections, but different proportions on every cab, and this is often bingo for me :-) I do always use a stereo EQ after though to have more control of the sound!
  14. I absolutely join in what is said above, the helix cabs are good! The possibility​ to easily change the mic, it's distance and especially to dial in the early reflexions, is stellar. 3d party IR's are great if you need off axis mic positions​, or a cabinet model that isn't yet included in the Helix. Helix can use it all and let you choose what you like/prefer, isn't the world great :-)
  15. This ^^^ :-), merci Amsdenj
  16. Good point indeed! I do believe some studio skills, or at least a studio approach, will definitely help some people out for recording and live. I'm doing both, studio production for my work and playing live gigs and have no big problems to get the sounds I want going FRFR! I made a little instructive video that can help others dial in their sound on the Helix. It just cover some tricks and my English is not the best, but I do believe the first and last part can help in showing​ basic studio tricks (like dialing in an amp sweet spot and using detailed EQ) to help to sculp your sound in a FRFR situation. There are so many other things that can help people out there, like playing a HIFI reference track (some good mixed one) trough your FRFR monitors!! If it sound good to you (as you know how this track needs to sound on your thousand's dollar worth HIFI setup ;-)) than Tweeknyour patches and NOT use a global EQ for that! If the reference track sucks, try to make it sound good by global EQ, or buy better ones! Just my 2c, but I know others here did make some very good contributions and helped with tips and tricks! We need some sticky page to converge all this helpful knowledge I guess. For the ones that are interested:
  17. Hi, I made this video in the hope, it might be of use for some who have difficulties to dial in their guitar tone on the Helix. Subjects are; amp sweet spots, delay's on parallel path, and the use of external EQ to sculpt the tone. (Sorry for my English and accent, but I'm afraid I'm living too long in France now, to properly speak the International language .. :D )
  18. I think you really need to put up a support ticket and let Line 6 help you out here! It's definitely not normal to have all these errors. It's such a pitty to have these experiences with such a fine machine. I'm sure Line 6 will do everything to help you out and to show you that the Helix can be stable and trusted ;-) Put the ticket!
  19. Ik heb mijn Helix bij de nederlandse Bax shop gekocht, met 5 jaar garantie ;-), en na ruim een jaar gebruik, geen enkel probleem! Zover ik weet, heeft Line 6 standaard een 1 jaar garantie, en dus moet dit ook voor jou gelden, ongeacht waar je het gekocht! Klanteservice van line 6 is, voor wat de Helix betreft, uitstekend en dus geen nood, 'lollipop happens' met elektronische aparaten Heb je een probleem ticket ingestuurd op de Line 6 Site? Do dit!!! Zo zijn ze op de hoogte van je probleem, en volgen ze de vorderingen van de reparatie!! Sterkte! Ik begrijp je ongenoegen, maar Helix is echt geweldig en de moeite waard :-) Success L.
  20. Good thing to do is to play a 'reference' HIFI track, you know very well, through the speakers. If it sound 'normal' and familiar to you, you better tweek your patches. If the reference track sound also boomy, it's more likely to be the room, like Peter said, and you better try and tweek your patches in another room or use the global EQ to get your patches sound right. ;-) I use two TS212 and they don't sound 'boomy' when I play a HIFI reference track ;-) (of course, one cannot expect audiophile miracles for the price of these monitors) Enjoy, L.
  21. I use returns 1&2 for a stereo out from my GR-55. Return 3, for my accoustic piezo signal. (but only in the studio, too much cables for me to play live ;-))
  22. Thank you for the facts, they speak for themselves​. Problem is, nowadays there are more and more who prefer to 'believe' and don't want to know facts that prove they're just imaginating things. It disturbes their worldview! It's so much easier to imagine things than to search for the truth, isn't it? :-) If all these 'believes' were just innocent ignorances, I would be the last one to complain about people 'believing', especially if it only concerns the sonic capacity of my beloved Helix, but​ unfortunately human history shows us, it's a bit more than innocent. Heil the great spaghetti monster, Amen ;-)
  23. Thanks for trying and sharing Chuskey. Yes I agree, the new fx is a bit complicated to dial in and is not getting me where I want to be, like the sound in my 'slowgear' guitar solo in this animation film (if you don't like ambient music skip to 5:22) Maybe I have to spend more time with it, if not..., I still have my GR-55 to do the job, so not a big deal ;-)
  24. I agree with you all.., the auto swell is far from what I hoped to see, like the boss slow gear, and not very useful as it is now! Luckily I still have something workable on my GR-55 (Good Old Boss ;-)) Hopefully line 6 will get it right in the next update :unsure:
  25. Yes exactly ;-) Didn't even crossed my mind that the 50% throw I found every time, no matter what soldering combination, probably could have been related to a 'non optimal' mechanical calibration of the cog-wheel. Didn't wanted to test and resolder again as it's working fine for me now, out of the box with a TS-TS cable :-) A happy man with and some extra soldering
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