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  1. theredguitar6

    Amp switching Fender Supersonic 22

    Modern Fender amp switching is logic controlled. The footswitches actually use active circuits internally to supply different voltages which are then interpreted by the amp. So ..short answer is NO. However if it's vital ... you could modify the existing switch ..but you'd still require it to be in circuit. That said ...what particular function to you want to switch? channels? ... My experience of the super sonic with Helix is: ...I love the SS gain channel but found it very easy to replicate and indeed improve on the clean channel with one of the Helix preamps/amps . So i ended up using 4CM and leaving the SS on the gain channel....therefore no amp switching required.
  2. theredguitar6

    Using Helix with this custom, hand-made amp.

    It's not really the right way to go. The amp is designed to have it's own signature sound and from memory ( i heard one a while ago) that's along the bad cat/matchless lines. Ideally for helix - if you want to go into a guitar amp - you want something that may be considered a good clean pedal platform. ...with plenty of headroom. Maybe fender blackface or even hot rod series. Otherwise you're never going to achieve all the amazing cleans that helix can deliver. A 2 x EL84 amp is always going to break up pretty quickly. You will have the same issues even if you use a loadbox. I just can't see the benefit of using this amp - unless you love the sound .... in which case ...use the amp! ...maybe just use the helix as a multi effects unit and skip the amp modelling
  3. theredguitar6

    Amp - true bypass or not?

    Mystery solved .... or at least dramatically improved. It's not the A/B split that causes the problem ...it's the merge mixer!. We've taken a whole bunch of measurements this morning ( i'm in the pro audio industry) and the merge mixer is dropping 3-4db in the signal chain. If you have a reasonable number of effects etc after this ( even reverb) it has quite a dramatic effect on tone and dynamics. Fortunately this all came back by raising the A & B levels on the merge mixer by 3db ( 3.5db on a clean amp). I did try some other tests - putting 3db gain block in front of the amps ( or A/B split) and that just slightly compresses the amps - last thing i wanted. Also made up some presets to see if amps in series affect each other when bypassed. It's small. but the merge mixer affect is BIG. I think this may have repercussions on other things as well ... anywhere a merge mixer is used. Hmmm ... Hope that helps - it's certainly cured my issue.
  4. theredguitar6

    Amp - true bypass or not?

    Good call... hadn't realised that. I'll have a play around and restore that 3db with some gain blocks. That a least will restore the perceived vol drop....and may indeed brighten the amp by pushing a little more. I should say that actually i'm very happy with the sound i'm getting switching the amps in series. Just puzzled by what's going on ...i know a lot of folk prefer the two amp A/B switch scenario for operational reasons.
  5. theredguitar6

    Amp - true bypass or not?

    yes i did ... and many thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. I'm absolutely 100% sure on this so i'm to do some more work on it and report back. Whilst we're on the subject i also have 2 identical presets ( by accident actually) apart from one has a parametric just before the output. So they should both sound the same if the para is bypassed right? ... well the don't. It's subtle but the para adds a little more mid and less HF even when it's bypassed. Which is weird because thats what it's actually there to do. ...but not when it's bypassed.
  6. theredguitar6

    Amp - true bypass or not?

    No it's definitely the the split at A100/B100 ...so it shoudn't affect the signal. I think that the amp blocks - even when bypassed affect the signal chain- slight lift in level and perceived brightness. I'm going to do further experiments
  7. theredguitar6

    Amp - true bypass or not?

    Nope don't understand that... The split is 100% A or B ...not in the middle so it should not halve the signal
  8. theredguitar6

    Amp - true bypass or not?

    sorry if this one's been covered before. Let's keep it simple and imagine a single signal path with nothing else on it: Add TWO different amps in series ( archetype clean + archetype lead ). set up bypass switches to flick between them - so theoretically each amp is bypassed whilst using the other ..although the signal chain does still pass through the by passed amp in each state. THIS IS SOUND A ( Preset 1) Create another preset and do the same thing but pull the second amp block down to a signal loop and put a A/B switch in front. The A/B is set up 100% A or 100% B depending which amp you are using. all amp settings the same THIS IS SOUND B ( preset 2) switch between the presets - VERY DIFFERENT SOUNDS on each amp. Have i missed something here or does the bypass function not fully bypass - because in example A each bypassed amp is definitely affecting the sound of the active amp. In my case - actually in a good way. Kind a sounds the same as putting a buffer in a signal chain. Is this right?
  9. theredguitar6

    Surely - My Helix rack is faulty?

    Hmmm .... is yours a rack ? do you have expression pedal connected to floor controller when this happens? I spoke to the line 6 engineers today. They've diagnosed hardware ... it's going to get repaired/replaced. Totally brilliant service from them ...very pleased.
  10. theredguitar6

    Hi Gain Tones and Cutting Through a Live Mix

    Lots of good advice from others. However. ... just something to think about. What did you do before using Helix? .. presumably you were using amp/combo and mic'ing speakers? How did you set your amp and pedals to get that solo boost and cut through the mix? One of the great concepts of helix is that it really can ( and does) emulate how a conventional set up would work...but with some exceptions. IR's and cab sims don't really capture what happens to guitar speaker(s) when the amp vol goes up. As we know .. two main things change (1) the response of the speakers (2) our own perception of how the balance of that sound is when louder - more bass for example. IR's don't and can't capture these changes unless you use many many IR's. We've all sat at home ( or in a shop) and played an amp that sounds good ( or bad) but when that amp is taken up to gig volume -- it's a completely different beast. So try to think that through. Bear in mind when you 'were' mic'ing your cab .. that sound would change when you kicked the amp harder and also may even have compressed the mic ( SM57?) So just making your helix output higher won't always do it....and you may overload ( or compress) the front end of the desk which will in turn, change the sound ( for the worse). Obviously a lot of high gain sounds tend to have loads of low end -slightly scooped mids- and very 'present' top ends. None of that will cut through a mix in a PA speaker with everything else going through it . Take some bass out, push the upper mids and take some presence out ....either at the amp or with an EQ block. In isolation that might be a bit 'in yer face' but it will sit well in the mix without having to push the output too hard. Just think old school and then apply it to Helix - it's all in there!
  11. theredguitar6

    Surely - My Helix rack is faulty?

    Yep, did the global resets each time also ...more recently did full factory preset reset as well. + global ....and still the same. good point about the USB port - thanks Interestingly .. there's another recent thread on here about loss of audio when scrolling presets ... There are several users that are experiencing similar issues on there -- we're all using slightly different language to describe similar problems though -- loss of audio. Those units seem to have ended up back at line 6 as no amount or firmware re install and resets etc etc made any improvement. So i'm starting to suspect hardware.
  12. theredguitar6

    Surely - My Helix rack is faulty?

    Yes Peter, i have tried all of that several times. It's heartening to hear that you guys have had zero ( or very few ) issues over quite long periods. I'm going to request a replacement unit as something is most clearly ...very wrong with mine. Thanks all
  13. theredguitar6

    Surely - My Helix rack is faulty?

    Thanks for the replies. I guess i just wanted to hear from folk who've NOT had issues - particularly when using live....and i do use fairly BIG presets so that i can use 6-7 snapshots instead of switching presets all the time Looking through the 'helix bug issues' topic ...there are some people having the same issues. Loss of audio , black screen and freezing ... they're just not having ALL the issues in the same unit. I WILL contact tech support. I absolutely love the sounds and the whole concept ...my pedal board used to be the size of mars! .. Just desperately want it to be stable.
  14. theredguitar6

    Surely - My Helix rack is faulty?

    My woes continue .... More 'random' issues at last nights gig. Complete loss of output from all outputs - (cured by reboot) . Then later, total freeze and BLACK SCREEN half way through last song. Couldn't do anything but still had ONE sound. I realised driving back from gig In the short (month) that i've had it ..... 3 gigs and it's played up at every one , 3 studio sessions - played up every time - I sit with it most days working on sounds and every day it freezes at least once or disconnects from editor etc etc SURELY MY RACK IS FAULTY? Regular daily problems are: Freezing when changing presets and disconnecting from editor ( randomly) Random problems are: Black screen !.... happened 3 times Loss of output (total output) happened twice - both times the unit has been standing idle for maybe 20-30mins Volume block issues - see other post. ...seems to have cured since my recent actions Floor controller - no display ( happened once) What have i done?: When i got unit .. i upgraded to 2.20 ..all ok ( but a few niggles) Then upgraded to 2.21 ... lots of niggles now. Upgraded editor etc Initially i'd been saving bundle on upgrade but realised that might be a bad idea.....so saved setlists and important presets individually. Re installed 2.21 ...and re loaded set lists. Last attempt to cure ... deleted ALL presets back to factory and just reloaded 2 presets for last nights gig ...and a couple of IR's. but still problems! Totally lost confidence ... i love the sounds but surely it has to be more stable than this? Is it the rack? ...is it the controller? Anyone else had similar issues?
  15. theredguitar6

    volume block woes..

    Ok ...so i took the belt and braces approach. Deleted ALL user presets - all IR's. Re installed to TWO ( only 2) presets that i might need after having removed the volume blocks before saving. Rebuilt the presets using slightly stripped down versions and then added new volume blocks. Tested it and it all seemed fine. OFF to GIG! The GOOD news- Helix sounded awesome and no issues with VOL block. The BAD news - after sound check all was good. I left the stage and left everything turned on . Came back on stage about a minute before first set - NO OUTPUT from Helix at all. Not FOH or my monitor amp. Panic ! ..checked all connections - checked helix operations -all good - checked vol function -all good still showing 0-100% when moving pedal. OK - so reboot - and it all came back- phew! First set - fine, no probs Second set - fine - until.......last song (encore in fact) ...half way through the song, i became aware i was stuck on the same sound . Looked at floor controller - not changing snapshots - or even presets. Looked rack - BLACK SCREEN!!....nothing.... i still have sound but can't do anything with it . So couldn't do the solo ...and finished the gig feeling ( again) really disappointed with Helix. In the short (month) that i've had it ..... 3 gigs and it's played up at every one , 3 studio sessions - played up every time - I sit with it most days working on sounds and every day it freezes at least once or disconnects from editor etc etc SURELY MY RACK IS FAULTY?