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  1. the_bees_knees22

    Line 6 150 2X12 question

    Whatever the question was. The answer is Yes. lol
  2. the_bees_knees22

    Helix For Bass

    I love my helix for bass. It's the best thing since sliced bread. Sounds great with either my 2014 Jaguar bass or my Sterling bass.
  3. the_bees_knees22

    cab mic's and position

    Right, I think it would require going back and remodelling those positions. I suppose the other question would be how hard would that be to do? They already have the data for pretty much everything else. They'd have to redo some of the position parameters too. I suppose it comes down to cost vs reward, and if it's worth it since we have IR's.
  4. the_bees_knees22

    cab mic's and position

    Just wondering... Would it be possible to place cab mic's anywhere we wanted in a future update? Currently we just have a distance parameter. It would be awesome if we could move it off axis/on axis/wherever the heck we wanted. hmmm...
  5. the_bees_knees22

    Helix through headphones sounds awful

    I have a pair of Focal monitoring headphones from 5-6yrs ago that still sound great. My helix sounds pretty fantastic through them. Looks like newer Focal monitoring headphones are cheaper than when I bought my version. Not sure how the new ones stack up against other current ones of similar price. I'd have to do some research. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ListenPro--focal-listen-pro-closed-back-reference-studio-headphones Anyway, @ the original poster. yeah...headphones make a huge difference. Do some research. Go listen to through bunch. Sleep on it if you're dumping a big amount of cash on some nice ones before you buy so you don't have any buyers remorse after lol
  6. the_bees_knees22

    Are any artists ACTUALLY using the Helix?

    I'm a little late to the party, but Robby Baca from the Contortionists has used it during touring overseas. (these guys might be my new favourite band. They've been around for a while, but I just find them a few weeks ago.) He was basically using his mesa as a power amp...just going straight into the fx return. ha.. Seems kinda funny to do that with a dual rec, but I guess it worked well for him. https://blog.andertons.co.uk/industry/interview-with-robby-baca-from-the-contortionist
  7. the_bees_knees22

    Helix Bug Reports

    Have you tried redownloading the update? I had to try it a few times before I got a solid update working with 2.54.
  8. the_bees_knees22

    Do any of you have a 212 cab suggestions?

    If you want just a regular 2x12 cab then I highly recommend the orange ppc2x12. It's what I eventually went with after trying out a load of different ones, and it sounds fantastic to me. I'm hoping Line6 adds it in the helix some day. You should just go to your local guitar store and try out as many as you can if it's possible.
  9. the_bees_knees22

    General recodording question - vocal mics

    sweet! Thanks dudes! All that's super helpful!
  10. the_bees_knees22

    General recodording question - vocal mics

    So not really a helix question, but so many people here do home recordings that I figure it's a good place to ask anyway. I'm looking to try and do some decent quality home demo's in late spring/summer. I can get the guitar/bass tones I like with the helix no problem, but I struggle a bit with getting a good quality vocal recording. What would be your go to mic for someone with a very dynamic voice? Meaning I sometimes go from relatively quiet to really really loud when I belt it out. Let's say 2 picks: 1) price doesn't matter/top pro equipment just for kicks. 2) best bang for your buck option.
  11. the_bees_knees22

    When will we see new models and firmware for helix??

    I'd like to see an Orange ppc 2x12 cab model. I have the Ownhammer IR and it's good, but i'd kinda like to have one that's native to the helix.
  12. the_bees_knees22

    2.30 Bug? Output set to USB, but still getting output on 1/4"

    Ooooohhh shiiiii..... User error.... I totally forgot I changed the USB in 1/2 Destination parameter a looong time ago to be XLR so it would output to something that wasn't plugged into everything. The update reset that.
  13. the_bees_knees22

    2.30 Bug? Output set to USB, but still getting output on 1/4"

    Ok! upon further examination it's only when I have pro tools up and running. Helix is set as the playback engine. First setup on the helix I tried was Guitar> fxloop to go to and from my head> USB OUT only in path 1. Path 2 has input set to NONE. 2nd try was going Guitar> fxloop> Path2A> USB out. Anyway it wasn't doing that in 2.21 or whatever the previous version was. Nothing else in my setup changed. edit: if that's not clear, basically any audio output from Pro Tools is going to the 1/4" out.
  14. the_bees_knees22

    2.30 Bug? Output set to USB, but still getting output on 1/4"

    Tried re-updating. Same issue. Looks like a bug.. I'll put a response in the official bug thread.
  15. the_bees_knees22

    You got to shape up the new editor look

    It's not as easy when you don't have a mouse. I pretty much have to use 2 hands since it's awkward to do a cntrl click with one on it.