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  1. @OP yeah it's a good method. I've been doing that workflow since the POD XT. It's always worked well for me too. I run my helix straight into the fx return of my marshall jcm2000 and into my orange ppc2x12 cab. It sounds great If i want to use the actual marshal channels I'll run 4cable method, but eh... going straight into the fx loop is simpler and it sounds great so I do that 90% of the time.
  2. I made the switch. It's been fine for me so far. Line6, cubase, UAD stuff, all my plugins have all been ok. I've been on big sur for the past couple of weeks. I haven't ran LUNA on big sur, but so far zero issues with anything. if you're in the middle of a project though, I wouldn't switch.
  3. I just installed big sur on my backup laptop.'s so....ugly lol. What the heck? What was Apple's design team thinking lol
  4. It'll really depend on what you're monitoring through. I have a pair of Adam A7's and I can definitely hear a difference. On my laptop speakers though they sound identical.
  5. Agreed there is a slight fullness and tightness as well to 3.1. It is slight, but it's there for sure. I believe it is an improvement for sure. In my own tones i mostly use the uber and badonk and i notice less crackling when driven really hard.
  6. Is today Christmas?! !!! !!!! I don't see my presents yet lol
  7. same. I use my Apollo twin X as my interface. I just throw on Native on the track I'm recording along with my IR loader and just record like that. I keep plugins to a minimum on my base writing session so there's no real noticeable latency. (at least not enough to bother me, but I have a beefy machine... so I don't have the same limitation as you're experiencing. I'd save up if you can for a heavier duty computer at some point. It just makes life easier) Then I spice things up later. I use my Helix floor to control cubase for punching in and out. It's pretty awesome for that. There's a preset for it actually. (but I'm not actually plugged into my helix floor at all otherwise.) I don't record a wet track at all since Native is right there. IF I had a session where I had already done a lot of mixing and there were a lot of plugins already in the chain then I would then probably use my helix to monitor a wet signal and record the dry. I doubt I'd even bother recording the wet signal tbh. I just know I'd never use it personally with how I work.
  8. lol I keep dragging my feet on my new round of writing because I keep telling myself it'll come out soon. I need to stop using that as an excuse and just knock this out, and stop being lazy. haha
  9. is it Christmas yet? When do we get our presents? lol, Should I keep pushing on my demo's or wait for 3.1 'cause everything will be loads better? lol
  10. You can still type them! lol :D :) -_____- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ O_o X_X
  11. His videos are great! I just went through them all. I'd love to see more technical content like that. It helps a ton!
  12. I've been discussing this IR pack from Kristian Kohle on another forum. I guess I'll throw it here in case anyone is curious. This is just 2 of the IR's in the pack though. Left side - uberschall > DV77 Linear IR Right side - Badonk >DV77 presence boost IR (horizon drive in front of both amps with slightly different settings. room verb post amp. IR's loaded with STL tones Libra with high and low cuts and a bit of resonance added) (also ran it through a few UAD plugins, but with minimal EQ. helios, studor, and pultec eq, and a few other things. some things were just flat and used for a bit of color only) If peeps want to hear it without all that, I can export it.
  13. oh actually, I just tried luna again with arm mode off and a Native plugin on after updating to 1.3. Seems a lot better now. There's still a tiny bit of latency but it's not nearly as bad as it was last time I tried it under 1.1 or whatever it was a while back.
  14. yeah you can't load a helix plugin into a UA device so there's that @guitarboy_02451 But I realized, I could just get a di box and split the signal. 1 to helix floor and 1 to my apollo twin x. They're not all that expensive so that shouldn't be a huge deal. I could then have my dry signal to the apollo, and my latency free monitoring signal from the helix into another channel. boom! all good to go. ..or i could just use the 1/4" out on the helix to go to my apollo and just have a dry L channel for the DI and a wet R channel for monitoring, but that would be converting the signal twice which I don't really want to do. It would probably work fine though, and it would be a cheaper work around.
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