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  1. the_bees_knees22

    dumb question - dt 25 1x12 cab

    Yeah I'm mostly wondering if the DT adds that much more to the helix in both situations for recording & live situations vs an FRFR setup, and how I would best recreate the live sound when recording direct... Or if it's like 10% just better than a power cab/FRFR setup. I've never tested a power cab or another FRFR so I can't compare. If the DT is just a tad better than an FRFR then I feel like maybe I should just sell it, and simplify my setup. I also have an orange ppc2x12 cab too that I love, and I could use with the helix/DT. Then just use an orange 2x12 IR in a separate signal chain for recording or going to the house. hmmm.... Or I could use my marshall and go direct into the fx loop since it's a higher wattage than the DT. ...more...power! lol I'm short a few cables to try all this out since I tossed some stuff after moving lol
  2. the_bees_knees22

    dumb question - dt 25 1x12 cab

    I guess it's more Guitar> Helix L6 link> DT OUT> Helix FX loop return> helix cab sim> helix out to an FRFR (and have the DT hooked up to a load box )
  3. the_bees_knees22

    dumb question - dt 25 1x12 cab

    Actually, another dumb question. Would it be more beneficial to go guitar> helix> FX loop send to DT guitar in> DT out to Helix FX loop return> Helix cab sim> to an FRFR (If one wanted to make use of both the DT topologies and the Helix cab sims or IR's) or maybe guitar>helix fx loop send> DT floop return,> DT OUT> helix fx loop return> helix OUT Or something like that. etc.. I'd have to play with the signal chain
  4. the_bees_knees22

    dumb question - dt 25 1x12 cab

    ok yeah that makes sense! I just kept reading posts here and there about turning the cab modelling off on the DT when paired with a helix and that made me wonder, but seems like that was just for the xlr out. like here: http://rome2.github.io/dtedit/ you see the cab model parms.
  5. the_bees_knees22

    dumb question - dt 25 1x12 cab

    oh wait. does the cab sim only get applied to the cab sim out and not the out going to the cab? (the manual doesn't really seem to say. I may have missed it though when I skimmed it)
  6. the_bees_knees22

    dumb question - dt 25 1x12 cab

    Hi! So just wondering. Is the dt-25 cab similar to an frfr? Just curious since the DT's have cab modelling built in. or is it more like a regular guitar cab that your just throwing a cab model on top of? Anyway, dumb question. But I'm curious.
  7. the_bees_knees22

    Helix Bug Reports

    LOL wow, It's over 9000!!....oh wait not quite. So close!
  8. the_bees_knees22

    Firmware 2.8 and DT Amps

    The helix does control all the amps parameters. It's just kinda buried in a menu. Go to your OUT block on the helix, and in Helix Edit you'll see a menu I think Phil_M or Digital_Igloo (I can't remember who) posted that the helix does bypass the built in preamp of the DT if the L6 link is connected. It all worked pretty great for me. ...but since I'm in an apartment and have no band, my DT will still sit here and collect dust for the time being lol :(
  9. the_bees_knees22

    That SVT-4 PRO

    Daumn! It's fantastic. We don't talk bass that much on here, but it's exactly what I've wanted for a bass sound all this time. Thank you line6! It's so plug and play. I barely have to tweak anything, and it's so fat a huge sounding. lol
  10. the_bees_knees22

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Just curious: You know how Factory 1 and 2 were fully loaded on all banks with presets? My factory 2 has presets to back 24, and 25-32 are empty. Is it supposed to be like that or did some of my presets fail to load?
  11. the_bees_knees22

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    ok actually, maybe it's just the output to the headphones that's different. Or maybe something was reset after the update on mine 'cause when I'm monitoring say EZ drummer through my helix (just jamming with or whatever), the drums are waaay louder by default now. Could totally be a pref that was reset for me. /shrug
  12. the_bees_knees22

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    oh good it's not just me. I definitely hear some improvements on overall tone. Those marshalls are really starting to be crisp and punchy on those cleaner sounds like my real marshall head. Everything sounds a lot better. Loving the fullerton amps, and that revv is amaze-balls.
  13. the_bees_knees22

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Damn! Those new amps sound fantastic! All of them! Is it just me or do all the distortion fx sound better too?
  14. the_bees_knees22

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    So much angst. You should write a song about it! Let all that anger out! I bet it'll be killer. "stick too the suuubject yeaaaah! We gotta be responsible! Follow the rules Yeeaaa-aaah! Or you'll get yelled at yeaah!" *scream
  15. the_bees_knees22

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    I'm suddenly feeling sick. I think I need to go home from work. I have like a migraine or something. /me rushes home.