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  1. Just update to the latest and greatest directly. It's fine. I can't help you on #2. I never use my acoustics with my helix. /shrug
  2. I get lots of strange frequencies on OH Orange IR's. I recently just picked up celestiondigital's orange pack and it's a lot better to my ears. Less raw. Fewer strange frequencies. I pretty much only use Orange IR's since that's what my real cab is so I can't speak to the other ones that much. I have OH's heavy hitters II pack and their mesa cab bundle, but I just never use them.
  3. I just upgraded to 10.5.20 as well. after a LOT of debugging... (i'm on a 2015 macbook pro).. the solution I found was to 1. set the asio guard level to High. Then 2. on my external monitor, I have to make sure I keep my Cubase interface small. Like half the screen size on my external monitor. Otherwise cubase just chokes. biggest factor that seems to kill cubase for me is making the UI full screen. ...ridiculous I know... I'm not a happy camper with cubase right now. The free version of 10.0 ran perfectly fine so I went all in on 10.5 pro.... and was borderline unusable at times until i figured out the above fix. ...and making the UI super small is not a great fix.. So anyway, I don't think it's helix native, but cubase that has issues as I've had it spike without having any instances of Native running. If you go to the steinberg forum you'll see lots of users complaining about CPU spikes that don't have anything to do with native. :( ...sigh.. good luck dude. It's super frustrating I know. I'm tempted to try out Luna since I have an apollo interface, but I haven't given it a shot yet. I hate pro tools with a passion. Haven't tried reaper or anything else yet. I like the workflow of cubase, but these spikes are totally garbage. ..hopefully it's fixed in the next version..
  4. My DT-25 along with my marshall is just collecting dust after buying a helix. They make nice decoration though so I keep them.
  5. @OP - I'd go helix + helix native. Then after that start gearing purchases to be more toward a studio setup. You can start with reaper since it's free, and get a bass somewhere down the line. Then upgrade to cubase or one of these other DAW's at some point down the line. so go Helix + helix native get a DAW next get a bass. get a decent mic (even if you don't sing, you may surprise yourself) then later get some nice plugins. fab filter stuff. maybe some UAD stuff if you get monies lying around. Then circle back around to more guitars...more basses. more guitars.. more basses. lol that's your 5-10 year plan.
  6. Music gear is a bit different when it comes to being obsolete vs an xbox. 1. can you get a pro sound now - yes. then it's still good 2. is it still supported with the current OS, and probably will be supported for the next 5-10 yrs. Yes. It's still good. As long a you can get a pro quality sound with something, and it still runs on newer operating systems then it's not obsolete. I don't see support being discontinued for a looong time on the helix. I do think the Helix II should take a drastically different approach like I outlined above though to separate itself from the ever growing pack of modellers.
  7. Oh definitely not obsolete Wishlist threads are just for musings and speculations amongst users. They don't mean anything.
  8. I'd be down for a curve eq of some kind like you get in a daw like Fab Pro EQ or something. Probably wouldn't work very well on the unit itself, but pair it with a laptop for the interface or something. Boom. I guess line 6 would need to decide just how far they want to push something like a helix. I can kind of see things moving away from amps and our traditional way of thinking totally, and becoming more computer based at some point in the near future. I think it'll eventually come down to just having a really high quality interface and driving everything from a laptop and a foot controller to switch fx/patches, but maybe I'm crazy. Stuff could be pretty compact though with that route, and you could in theory do stuff like line things up with a click and automate fx turning off and on if you need that. Pair it with other plugins and vst's you already have on a laptop.. make it a one stop shop for all things and not just guitar/bass. like more compressors, limiters, processing. Almost like a live version of an apollo interface. Make it so you get the dsp from the helix internals PLUS the shared processing power of your laptop which would in theory get better over time as computers get better. Maybe i'm thinking too far out of the box for the masses though... but I think that workflow could be really super powerful. edit: yes... after thinking about it some more. What we need is basically a crossbreed between a helix and an apollo interface. I have no doubt that's the future. dsp sharing with a computer. No longer being bound to only the dsp of the unit itself. Being able to use DAW plugins along with your helix for a live situation. That opens up a whole new world, and line6 would be at the center of it. You could basically have multiple channel strips on your computer much like UAD has. Just throw in your Helix Native into one slot. Your favorite daw eq plugin into another. Favorite daw reverb into another etc... add VST's for more versatility beyond guitar. Have a separate floorboard for switches/wah. The possibilities are huge.
  9. I did a reboot, then a global reset. Both were no go's. Then I rebooted holding the Mode and Tap buttons to go into Update Mode (i was actually looking for safe mode, but did that on accident lol) Then after I rebooted again, the volume knob started working again! yay!
  10. I opened a ticket on the volume knob issue just in case.
  11. I'm getting this as well. The volume knob is set to multi, but it's not controlling anything :( *sad face... nothing usb, nothing guitar input related..nothin' *very sad face
  12. make sure you update the helix edit. They won't show up in the Helix edit if you don't update that too.
  13. the_bees_knees22


    I'm really loving the Purple. It might be my new favorite. It's just tight and chunky. I liked the red too, but the purple really does it for me.
  14. for high gain, I like the ANGL Meteor panned hard right, and mix it with most any other high gain amp panned hard left. Then I use an Ownhammer orange 4x12 and a 2x12 IR on either amp. (I stick to orange, because my real cab is an orange 2x12)... It sounds massive. The ANGL is just naturally darker than pretty much all the other high gain amps so it just sits in really well with just the defaults. Maybe some minor tweaks to suit ones taste. Boom! monstrous sound in like 5 minutes. (i do use a tube screamer and kinky boost in front for extra tightness as well) ..reverbs vary.
  15. the_bees_knees22

    Helix 2.9

    If Line6 is anything like my job and has security requirements, then they probably rushed to get everyone setup with vpn to work from home with. Then they would just rgr into a machine in their datacenter...if they have a datacenter.. It just depends on how the company is setup.. It's rather small compared to the company I work for so it might have a lot fewer security restrictions.... they may not even have a datacenter. It would be interesting to know how Line6 functions, but they could never tell the details due to legal matters. Technically no software developers and whatnot HAVE to be under one roof. They could all in theory work remote. Some of them were probably already setup to do so.
  16. the_bees_knees22

    Helix 2.9

    but can it make toast? I'll only be happy when I can switch patches by merely thinking it.
  17. The price is on par with other modellers and whatnot on the high end market. they announced so early and have the pre-order option, because they want to get more capitol upfront lol I don't think they're a big company right? I actually have no idea.
  18. lol the looks are pretty slick to me. There's something about the compactness that I like. But i don't buy modelers for the looks. Still prefer the helix deign though. It's just hard to beat.
  19. the "neural capture" seems to be the most interesting feature. "Capture, share and download your favorite rigs’ sounds. Equipped with our unique biomimetic AI technology, Quad Cortex can learn and replicate the sonic characteristics of any physical amplifier, overdrive, and cabinet with unprecedented accuracy." But man.... the wording they use in their ads. "best ever.... Unprecedented! ..as good as it gets!" .... they sound like a bad infomercial. I'm sure it'll be a good piece of gear, but instead of telling me it's the best thing ever made, just show me what it can do and how it sounds.
  20. HA! and now I see the forums change swear words to something else. hahaha I didn't type lollipop That's hilarious.
  21. I have no doubt the modelling is top notch coming from Neural DSP. They make good lollipop. Just check out their archetype plugins.
  22. Yeah I'm mostly wondering if the DT adds that much more to the helix in both situations for recording & live situations vs an FRFR setup, and how I would best recreate the live sound when recording direct... Or if it's like 10% just better than a power cab/FRFR setup. I've never tested a power cab or another FRFR so I can't compare. If the DT is just a tad better than an FRFR then I feel like maybe I should just sell it, and simplify my setup. I also have an orange ppc2x12 cab too that I love, and I could use with the helix/DT. Then just use an orange 2x12 IR in a separate signal chain for recording or going to the house. hmmm.... Or I could use my marshall and go direct into the fx loop since it's a higher wattage than the DT. ...more...power! lol I'm short a few cables to try all this out since I tossed some stuff after moving lol
  23. I guess it's more Guitar> Helix L6 link> DT OUT> Helix FX loop return> helix cab sim> helix out to an FRFR (and have the DT hooked up to a load box )
  24. Actually, another dumb question. Would it be more beneficial to go guitar> helix> FX loop send to DT guitar in> DT out to Helix FX loop return> Helix cab sim> to an FRFR (If one wanted to make use of both the DT topologies and the Helix cab sims or IR's) or maybe guitar>helix fx loop send> DT floop return,> DT OUT> helix fx loop return> helix OUT Or something like that. etc.. I'd have to play with the signal chain
  25. ok yeah that makes sense! I just kept reading posts here and there about turning the cab modelling off on the DT when paired with a helix and that made me wonder, but seems like that was just for the xlr out. like here: http://rome2.github.io/dtedit/ you see the cab model parms.
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