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  1. https://line6.com/software/ Download the updater from this page (right hand side). Just follow the steps on the updater, once it's installed. Pretty straightforward.
  2. Everyone is going to have their own opinion on this... I can see the argument about FRFR. It offers the broadest range of frequency response, and represents the Helix output tone naturally. I bought an Electro-Voice ZLX-12P (FRFR), and ran my Helix through it... it sounded amazing! That is... until I tried plugging the Helix into the return of my Marshall DSL40C... I returned the E-V the next day, and am running with the Helix / Marshall combo now. I am fully aware that even just using the power amp section of my Marshall adds some coloring to the sound, but I like it! Reality is that, I'm probably just used to the Marshall tone, and I like that familiarity. As mentioned, everyone will have their own preference... you need to go with what sounds best to you.
  3. No. The entire preamp of the Marshall is bypassed. Volume is controlled by the Helix.
  4. I guess my point was; the guitar/Helix sounds great through the Marshall... but that's all. I wouldn't go running vocals (or anything else) through it. I realize that even using the power tube section of the Marshall adds some degree of coloring, but I like the end result. It's just personal taste. I've found a sound that I really like. Wanted to share my experience.
  5. I have a Marshall DSL40C, that I use as my home practice amp. I pulled it apart and put in a new Celestion Creamback speaker, a larger choke, and new Tung-Sol power tubes. The thing is a small(ish) beast. Way more clean power than I need in my basement, but it sounds amazing. Then, I got my Helix a couple months ago... I originally had it plugged into the front of the amp... sounded like crap. So, I went out and bought an EV ZLX-12P. I'll admit, the EV monitor sounds really good with the Helix... but it doesn't have that brute power that I missed with the tube amp. This morning, I decided to try plugging the Helix into the Return line of the Marshall amp. This effectively cuts-out the Marshall's preamp, and just goes straight into the tube power amp section. HO - LY - CRAP! It sounds friggen amazing! I'll admit, it's not FRFR. I won't be running vocals through it. But for guitar, it sounds incredible. Much better than the E-V powered monitor (in my opinion) For anyone who has a guitar amp, with send/return on the back, I'd recommend giving this a try. I know this isn't a new idea... but I just wanted to relay my experience and feedback.
  6. I run a G10 with my Helix. Originally, I had the receiver on the floor... but the mess of wires was annoying me, so I moved the receiver onto a shelf. In either location, the G10 worked flawlessly with the Helix. No issues. I also have a set of Sennheiser wireless headphones, that run on the same frequency (2.4GHz) as the G10, and never had any issues there either... As a matter of fact, most WiFi signals run on 2.4GHz as well, and both the G10 and the Sennheisers seem to 'play nicely' with WiFi too.
  7. I feel your pain, because I also have an Android device... But, it's got nothing to do with Line 6 / Helix... the issue is with Android. The Helix comes with a basic USB input, there is nothing special about it, and no special requirements to use it. Android does not (natively) support USB audio output. Whereas, every other device does...
  8. I've tried that, but I'm playing drum tracks from an Android device... which doesn't work with Helix I figured I could use the headphone out from the Android and run it into the Helix, using a return path in. I think I'm just screwed... the path(s) are full, and I can't add another block.
  9. This is a total Noob question, but I've been searching online since yesterday, and I just can't figure this out... I've got the patch below (and others similar to it), where there is no more room to add another block at the end of the path. Basically, I want to add one more RETURN block, right before the output, so that I can use my MP3 player for backing drum track. I need to insert this at the end of the path, because I don't want this block to have any effects added to it. I've seen multiple posts on how to insert the return block for an audio input... but how do I do this, when there is no more room in the path?
  10. This post has been very useful. Answered all my questions.
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