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Amplifi tones to Firehawk


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Hi, I don't think it's possible.  I had an Amplifi 75 a while back and had some tones saved.  Using the same log in details on my Firehawk, the old tones weren't there.


Possibly because the Firehawk uses a lot of tones that the Amplifi doesn't have, or to try to differentiate between the two models.  Who knows.

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If you save all your amplifi tones to the cloud , when youre using firehawk you should be able to search out your old tones and download them.

I haven't tried it personally but not all the tones on the cloud are created on the firehawk ( firehawk ones have FH next to them) So all those other tones must have been created on amplifi stuff right?


Anyway you could test it out before you buy the firehawk as both apps are free , just publish some of your amplifi tones to the cloud and then try and find them using the firehawk app

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All AMPLIFi presets WILL load into Firehawk.  Once a tone is tweaked and saved in the Firehawk Remote app, it is no longer able to go back to AMPLIFi.  


Presets created or tweaked in the Firehawk app will have the "FH" badge next to them, and they will not show up when searching with the AMPLIFi app.


You'll want to save your tones to your account in addition to, or instead of saving them directly directly to the device.  That way all of your AMPLIFi  tones should be available to you by logging into your account on either AMPLIFi or Firehawk remote editing app.  In order for others to search for your tones you have to "publish to the LIne 6 cloud"

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