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What Would You Do With It?

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hello folks,


its been a while since my last topic on this forum but i kinda keep around in the middle... i have an HD500 and i,ve been happy with it. I use it on the effects loop of a marshall tube combo I own with my guitar directly plugged to the pod... so i bypass the amps pre.


i traded a laney amp l didnt use for a Boss GT100... mainly because its easier to hold around the house and the amp was just colecting dust and a waste of space.


my question is:  what would you do with the Boss unit? how can l get some use for it?


hope to hear some useful answers as always!


pd: sorry for my english...

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Sell the GT100 unless you want to it to collect dust. LOLOL. I woulda kept the Laney, nice amps.


Try plugging your guitar into the marshal combo and it's FX send into the FX return on the HD and raise the return level once you select the FX Loop in a slot.


Run the Out on the HD into the FX return on your Amp.


Revert to 4CM to use the amp models or if you need a distortion in front of your Marshal Pre.


But do try it.


Gives you lots of DSP without an Amp in the block and you can get some serious harmony FX going as well as traditional tones. I recommend this for anyone using a great Amp and don't want any tone suck running 4CM might impart.

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thanks for the response...


jajaja... ok i maybe gonna sell it, but first l wanna give it a try and see if l could make some use of tit. I guess its just that i would be happy seeing all those bright leds on the floor and that huge pedalboard... jajaja



l tried the 4cm... for my taste i prefer to go directly on the efects loop.

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yeah me too, but you loose the wah distortions in front of the amps pre as they don't work so well in the FX loop but it does preserve the Amps tone better.

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