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AMPLIFi Tone Button


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I am a noob with these amps.


Without the ipad and without a pedal pressing the tone button gives me ABCD from bank one. Is that all I can access without extra equipment?   i.e I cannot access bank 25 with downloaded tones?


I can edit the tones in bank 1 , but not replace them?


If I edit the tones in bank 1 until they sound horrible , how do I recover the original sounds (factory reset?)




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You can only access the presets from Bank 1 with the buttons on the amp.  If you want to access the other banks, without using the app, you need to buy the FBV Shortboard MKII (not the Express).


You can replace the tones in any bank by using the app.  I've already overwritten Bank 1A with my favourite tone so that it's the one that is selected by default when I turn on the amp.  I've also overwritten a bunch of the factory preset tones with my own tones.  I own the Shortboard MKII and I've got my own tones loaded up in banks 15-25 so that I can cycle through them quickly while playing.


Yes, in order to recover any of the presets you have overwritten you'll need to do a factory reset.  However, there is a bit of a work-around to avoid resetting.


What I've been doing is loading up the presets I think I might want to recover at some point and I save them to My Tones.  That way, they are there if I ever want them back and I can easily save them to the amp again whenever I want.

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