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Firehawk 1500 MIDI Implementation

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Seems full MIDI implementation is lacking on this unit. I have not found a way to change the MIDI channel to isolate from other MIDI devices and do channel/patch switching/selection like you can on the Helix/HD500X units. My band uses a backing track software (Venuemagic) that runs backing tracks, light programming, teleprompter and MIDI commands to various devices. Unless I have totally missed it, I can't find any MIDI setup menu on either the unit or the mobile device software. Help me out here Line 6!

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I have had the same problem trying to access midi implementation on the amp via midi in. Patch changes do work

but no other midi messages are getting through for some reason. What am I missing here? Hey Line 6 why is it not


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I have been notified by Line6 the only thing you will ever be able to control on your "Very Expensive" 

Firehawk 1500 via MIDI is change patches.They have no intention of fixing it, it's a case of false advertising



"I'm sorry but the Firehawk 1500 midi features will only allow you to change patches. The info in the back of the manual

is not correct. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Will - Line 6 Support
Thanks a lot Line6 the sooner you let anyone else who may be intending to by the amp to take advantage of the so-called MIDI CONTROL (like myself) that Line6 does not have the knowledge or the know-how to impliment what most other brands can do without a hitch.
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