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Pod Hd/pod Farm Compatability

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So I've been using My UX1 for the last 4 years and I think it's run its course. I was looking at the HD500X, but mainly I use my UX1 to record on my computer.


Can I still utilize all the amp models from pod farm, or can I only use the onboard processed amps from the HD500x? Also would my sound see an improvement in quality?

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at this time there is no pod farm with the HD models...

more than likely you're pod farm license came with and is tied to your UX1

if you ditch the UX1 you won't be able to use pod farm.

meaning you'd pretty much use the hd500x sounds... (great quality bump though!)

not sure this will meet your needs right now...no idea if/when a pod farm hd will come.

anyway... there's some info.. for you to decide.

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