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I curious. How are the necks on the JTV-59s attached to the body? When you look at the back of the guitar it almost looks like neck through construction so the neck and body are all one piece of wood and the sides then attached. Can anyone elaborate on this?



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Standard Set neck. Glued. Not neck-through. 

Nice, though, and very comfortable for upper fret access. 


The old Ibanez AR-300s from the early '80's are like this, as are old Carvins (which became neck-through in the late '80's, but which had a virtually identical smooth neck heel when they were glued-neck). 


Take a look at the Gibson Axcess (LP), which has a smooth, carved neck heel, but which is still very much a set-neck guitar. It has been expressed that ALL Gibson LPs should have this same neck heel going forward...

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