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  1. Do you have one in the Faraday cage that I could try? You guys have already done this, haven't you. It's just not a commercial product yet, right?
  2. dspellman

    Sound Demos

    I'm already hearing people pounding the Spider V thanks to the quality (or lack thereof) of the sound demos posted by Line 6. Yikes! They seem to be *immediately* judgmental about the amps based on little information, but this is something that the Line 6 Marketing team should, perhaps, have anticipated, no?
  3. Gary Brawer in SF is my go-to guy for Sustainers. He also did the Neal Schon sig guitars for Gibson and I think he's installed all of neal's sustainers. The Fernandes requires some room (usually routed out of the guitar) and I believe the switches are on the PC board itself. So locating both optimally with the Variax goods taking up so much space might be difficult. Gary has also got some techniques that help prevent the whole thing from turning into a squealing mess, even when you're sharing the neck pickup ring with both a sustainer driver (single coil size) and wiring in a neck pickup that is NOT the sustainer driver (as it is in a normal installation). If anyone can make the sustainer work with a Variax, it will be him.
  4. They can be contacted at info at Their contact information (besides their web address) is: G&G Quality Case 2025 E. 25th Street Los Angeles, CA 90058 USA Phone | 323.233.2482 Fax | 323.233.4645 I got this from Sarah on the 29th: Unfortunately, we don’t keep an inventory of any cases. All cases are made to order. Lead time right now is around 6-8 weeks. Costs will be around $225.00. Since you live in la , you are more than welcome to stop into our factory. I have attached an order form for you to review. if you have any further questions, feel free to ask. So yes, they're still in business. The above reply was in answer to a query about a JTV89F case. This is the information they'll need (in addition to name, address, shipping, etc.) and these are the options you'll have to choose from (and I have no idea what "poodle" looks like, but "monkey fur" should be self explanatory. If you like, I can visit the factory and ask (and probably take some pictures)):
  5. I'm comparing the standard Line 6 25' cable, so the 25' cable came to (with shipping): My guess is that the shopping cart web software they're using is calculating costs using the "if it fits, it ships" Medium Flat Rate 2 box. How do places like MF, Amazon and B&H manage to offer free shipping for a virtually identical product?
  6. I was all set to put a 25' btpa cable on the card when I noticed that it was $39+ and the shipping was another $11 (minimum). That's a fifty-buck cable at that point, and the Amazon/Line 6 one with free shipping (and I can get it even cheaper with coupons at Musician's Fiend) is still just $29.99. That makes the btpa cable 60% more expensive, even if there really is a 30% improvement in quality of the cable itself. Backed away. Not worth it. Unless someone here can convince me. I think someone should talk to about their default shipping costs.
  7. Ya know, it becomes a sort of gray, liney graphic once you get any distance from it. Trust me, you see it because you're two feet from it, but the audience doesn't know or care... Put a bag over it.
  8. THAT's what I've been doing wrong! I checked with G&G; they don't stock the JTV89F cases, but they will build you a case (or two or three) for yours. Probably around $225 (which is about what a Mono bag costs at the local GC). They've got an order blank that will allow you to select colors, etc.
  9. Never thought about that. I've got just over 50 guitars and I've never consciously considered matching everything. Though I *will* be ordering the matching luggage with the new Bentley. On second thought... I think I've fallen for the Ferrari instead:
  10. Until yesterday, I thought that all of the JTVs except for the 89/89F came with medium or medium jumbo frets (the advertising material says medium-jumbo). The advertising material for the 89F says Jumbo and they match the jumbo frets I have on other guitars. One of the techs from Line 6 here says that he believes ALL of the JTV series share the same fretwire. None of us are going to sleep until we get this sorted out.
  11. I'm sorta hoping they don't discontinue the Variax stuff. I hate when they do that. I'm still on the lookout for a 705 bass (the five-string) because it turns out it was/is a pretty good bass all by itself and the models work pretty well besides. I love the Acoustic 700 I have and wish there was an updated model (and by the way, the nylon string model lives there). I think the USA versions are silly, and I can't think of any way that I would pay that money for that guitar over the Koreans I have. But I am going to have to have G&G build me a case like theirs. I haven't spent a lot of time trying to reproduce the "flaws" that the Bedroom Boys have detected, though I appreciate their diligence. I appreciate what the Variax guitars I have DO far more than care about what they don't do well. When the drums come in, it's very difficult to hear the issues.
  12. Why not go to G&G in downtown Los Angeles? 2025 E. 25th Street Los Angeles, CA 90058 I think this is who makes the cases for the USA JTV-89F. I have no idea what it will cost you, however. Ask them.
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