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Amplift TT can't work with iPad Pro (Amplifi app always shown device not connected)


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I bought a Amplify TT today and following your step to update my TT to newest firmware.

But it still shown "device not connected" on my iPad pro. (bluetooth is already connected)

Please give me a feedback to solve this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you very much


I tried update Amplift TT firmware to the newest ver.

I tried factory reset.

iPad Pro forget Bluetooth repairing.

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Hello everyone

I tested with my friend and solve this issue yesterday.

We tried some mobile devices including iPhone 6s, iPhone 5SE and iPad Pro etc...

It's only the iOS 9.3.5 can connect with Amplifi TT.

So, I update my iPad Pro from iOS 9.3.x to iOS 9.3.5 ( sorry I forgot what number is X)

And it is works.


Sorry we don't have android system can test.

hope it can help other people who has problem about Amplifi app shown device not connected when your bluetooth is already connected.


P.S. Sorry my poor English, hope you guys can understand what I mean. 

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I have the Amplifi 30 for a couple of weeks now. My ipad (2012 & IOS 9...) can connect to bluetooth, but Iphone 6 with ios 10 can not connect. Very strange.


Any one has a clue on this?



I find I can only have 1 single device paired at a time for some reason. I sometimes forget my phone/tablet is paired when trying to connect the other one, and it's a pain, but once you know this is the behaviour, it's easier.

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