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Connection Problem With Pod Hd500x

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Hi Pod fans!


I've got a problem with connecting my POD HD500X to my Mac running POD HD500X Edit.


My setup should look like this:


Guitar plugged into my POD HD500X-> connected to my Macbook. Then from my second USB Port of my Laptop i connected my USB Interface for monitoring.


Now i try to run POD HD500X Edit, but there's no sound. I've installed the latest drivers undupdated everything via Line6 Monkey.


In the Mac settings, i chose the POD for input source and the USB Interface for Output. Although tried it in several other combinations.

No errors displayed, just no sound at all.


Anybody else got this problem? Thanks!

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sounds like you are trying to monitor from a different interface than the hd500x. typically you just plug in your speakers into the hd500x and be done...

using the same hardware for input and output controls latency, as well as other digital artifacts and jitter.

you may be able to if you must... you'd need to look into aggregate audio... a quick google should give you the idea...

I don't use the feature and can't really be any more specific.

and also... it's not a "problem" it's by design... for the reasons stated above.

(goes for all pro level audio devices not just line6)

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