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One G10 Transmitter with two Base Receivers at the same time!


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Over the Holiday weekend, I had the occasion to use two G10 Receiver Base units with one G10 Transmitter, and it worked out great!


Each base unit was connected to a different amp. This provided a terrific opportunity to achieve awesome blends and a wide sound field from the differently configured amps.


When the G10 Transmitter was inserted into the additional base unit, that base unit automatically selected what turned out to be the same channel as the original base unit the G10 had been using. This was easy to confirm upon removing the G10T and depressing its collar switch as both bases blinked simultaneously. As there were no other G10 transmitters in use this worked great! Ordinarily, with just one G10 Receiver, wiring to the second amp would be required, and I often the XLR out via an XLR to TS cable for this.


So for any G10 owners contemplating a backup/spare G10 Transmitter (as I saw suggested on Idea Scale and I believe here on these Forums), an entire additional G10 setup will do the trick!


I tried the dual base setup several times over the weekend and each time the units reliably selected the same channel! YMMV.

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Simply insert the transmitter into the base for 10 seconds to allow it to select the clear channel. The auto channel selection routine will choose the first clear channel it finds out of the 14 available. Then remove the transmitter and begin using this transmitter in the guitar. Keep the signal transmission active by strumming the guitar. While this first signal transmitter is in use. Pair the other G10 transmitter to its receiver base. The second transmitter and base will see the first transmitter's channel is in use and it will select another one.


The channel selection process repeast each time the base and transmitter units are paired. I am not certain that it always begins with the first channel nor progresses in the identical channel selection sequence each time, but it seems to be the case. I have not tested this with an RF frequency analyzer.

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