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M13 Volume Trouble

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Hi everyone!


Recently I bought a Laney Ironheart 60W which in my opinion is an amazing amp. The thing is that when I plug the Line6 M13 into the amp and kick in any effect (mod, od, delay, comp...) it just raises the signal volume so much it's very annoying.


I've been wondering why is that happening... I read the manual, tried using it in the amp effects loop, using it straight into the amp, trying to modify output volume in the M13 options...


I've never updated the M13 since I bought it and used it with a small amp I had before the Ironheart. Could it be the problem? (I don't think so)



I don't know what to do... Anyone has the same issue?? Any clue or idea?? Why is that happening??


Thank you!

P.D: I know my english is lame. I'm spanish. :P

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Turn the level down on the specific effect.  A lot of them come set to a level much higher than the input signal.  

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