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  1. Hi all, Looking for a way to remove most of the attack from a riff. Similar to the lead guitar sound at the one minute mark in this Clutch song (White's Ferry): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp6tX0wxRA8 I'd prefer if the model didn't add distortion, but if necessary, it'll do. Do any of the compressors have the ability to strip the attack like this? Thanks!
  2. Turn the level down on the specific effect. A lot of them come set to a level much higher than the input signal.
  3. I use my M13 every day on my live rig and I've followed the M13 forum on a daily basis since I purchased mine almost 5 years ago so I can say I know a thing or two about this product. It is not clear what you are talking about. Your original statement included "You know what to add or change." ... If myself, or even more importantly, Phil and Zap, don't know what you're talking about, how do you expect L6 to know? Do you want more models? Particular bug fixes? New functionality? "It's broken" type responses never result in product changes.
  4. I started working on an editor some years back. Line 6 was absolutely no help and wouldn't provide any details into the format of the sysex dump. I found that exporting the same dump twice in a row would not produce two identical files. I also tested adjusting certain parameters and diffing the dumps and found that modifying one param would change multiple non-adjacent bits in the file, so I gave up trying to reverse engineer it. Give it a shot though, hopefully you're more skilled than I. :) Also, make sure you have a good working dump backed up because you'll likely brick the device without one. Here's some links that will help you get started: http://www.blitter.com/~russtopia/MIDI/~jglatt/tech/midispec/sysex.htm http://www.2writers.com/eddie/TutSysEx.htm http://avp.stackexchange.com/questions/2630/what-is-the-most-effective-way-to-reverse-engineer-sysex-format-for-my-old-yamah
  5. The Ernie Ball VP Jr. pedal is a great expression pedal as well. I've been using one for years and have had no problems with it.
  6. My understanding is that the M series (M5, M9, M13) has all of the effects from the DL4, MM4, DM4, and FM4 at the same 24bit quality as the original boxes. I'm pretty sure they just shrinkwrapped all of those boxes into the M units and added a few extra bells and whistles. Also, there's no editor unfortunately. Been asking for one since the M13 was released.
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