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Jtv-89f Fret Size

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I just recieved my JTV-89F..  A few weeks ago I setup a friend of mine's 89F for him... He's definitely got jumbo frets on his... Oddly mine has what I would call medium frets, same size as I had on my JTV-69 I had...




Anyone with a JTV-89F have a pair of dial calipers care to measure your fret sizes?

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I just measured by frets on my 89F they measure


.042" H

.110" W


Height was measured by Dial Indicator (StewMac Nut height gauge) and Digital Caliper.


Width by Digital caliper.


I would typically expect Jumbo frets to ring in at closer to .050" after dressing...



http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Fretting_supplies/Stewart-MacDonald_Fretwire/StewMac_Wide_Fretwire.html <--- for fret size reference

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