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Latest Spider V Firmware - v2.00 released 7/18/19

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Spider V Firmware 2.00 Release Notes

Spider V Firmware 2.00.0 is a FREE firmware update that includes new features, fixes, stability improvements, and optimizations for Spider V and Spider V MkII amplifiers. It is highly recommended that all Spider V users perform this update.

This update will not affect any presets that have been modified by the user. If you wish to reload the factory presets, this can be performed by pressing and holding the home button and scrolling down to the "Factory Reset" function.

Thank you for using Spider V!

New Features:

  • Classic Speaker Mode – Added a new parameter within cabinet settings called "Speaker". The value "Classic" overrides the selected cabinet model and routes the processed guitar signal to only the woofer, which has been re-voiced for each model of Spider V. This allows Spider V to deliver a more familiar combo amp experience. This can also be set to "Full Range" which operates as it did before –with the selected cabinet and mic modeling and includes the tweeter. USB, AUX IN, drum loops and metronome will still route to the full range speaker system as before.
  • New Presets – New presets for vintage amps by a renowned tube amp builder that take advantage of the new classic speaker mode. The entire preset bundle has been revised to take advantage of this new feature with the exception of the Acoustic Guitar presets which still utilize the full range speaker mode. New and revised artist presets are also included. To get these new presets, we recommend to first create a backup of your existing presets, then perform the Factory Reset.
  • Preset Labels – Each preset now has a contextual label that is helpful for identifying the purpose of the preset or its author.


  • All Amp model default values have been revised.
  • All FX model default values have been revised.
  • XLR output volume has been lowered to better accommodate consumer-grade audio interfaces and mixers.


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