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89f Strap Buttons

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Something i wanted to point out to all the new 89F users out there.

I bought a new strap for mine, one of the latest-generation planet waves locking straps - in this case a Joe Satriani patterned one. These just have the large molded end parts on the strap as opposed to the old pivoting arrangement.

Anyway, the 89F's strap buttons are too not thick enopugh to allow the strap to lock on!


In the end i replaced my strap buttons with shaller locking ones i had lying around, but can still use the Planet Waves strap until i decise to by a traditional strap and fit the locking parts to it.


Just thought i'd share.

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I too have the PW Satch straps...immediately installed schaller strap locks...have em on all my guitars...worth the investment/insurance.

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