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  1. Just heard back from the repair shop. Inspection charge was £48, and I paid to have it shipped to them. They told me it was a fault with the main circuit board - which would cost a further £208 to fix (and would only include 3 months warranty). Really annoyed as everything else on the unit works, just not the XLRs and headphones. So now I need to decide whether to get it fixed, or just take a chance and use the 1/4inch outs until the unit dies. I still have my old XT Bean to fall back on too if I was gigging a lot more. :(
  2. Line6 suggested I send it off for repair. They have one little place they deal with in the UK near Milton Keynes, so i've couriered it up to them and fingers crossed my baby can be fixed for a reasonable price.
  3. I have - but AFAIK there isn't a setting to do anything with the XLR/Headphones - they should all be controlled by the Master volume knob (along with the 1/4 outs)
  4. After enjoying my HD500 for years (i think i bought it when they'd been out 6 months or so) I hit a problem at a gig on Saturday. I hadn't used the POD for a few years, but I remember updating the firmware every few months just in case I was going to get it out and play! Then comes the time I actually get back into gigging and on stage I discover the XLR outputs aren't working! On further investigation the headphone out isn't working either, but S/PDIF and 1/4 outs are fine. Here's the steps i've taken: 1) I rolled it back as far as v2.31 with the Monkey - no change 2)So I went waaaaaaay back to v1.43.00 and it still didn't work - and i know that back when that was the latest firmware it most definitely DID work. I've got everything on MAX, got a hot signal from the 1/4 and am running the XLRs into a pre-amp set at instrument level with a lot of gain and its dead. 3) Went back to the latest v2.31 - it now crashes just after boot up 4) did a Safe Mode re-flash - same 5) did a global parameter reset and flash - it lives! 6) XLR still doesnt work Does anyone have any suggestions of things to try? I'm out of ideas. Is there a single module in the unit that controls the headphones and XLRs? Anyone know if it's fixable? I guess if I gig again I can just take a DI box with me :(
  5. I've owned my POD HD500 for years now, probably since about 6 months after it was released. Never had any issues with it, gigged it regularly up until 2013. I've just started using it again, and was having issues with the S/PDIF. Those aside, as I was trying to see what the issue was I tested the unit without any USB/SPDIF connections and discovered the headphone out wasn't working. Silence. After panicking that the unit was knackered, I managed to get sound out of the Line out L/R sockets through headphones but the headphone jack itself was silent. You hear that slight static crackle when you plug headphones in, but no sound at all. Is there any setting i need to check? I thought the headphones were hardwired to the master out? I rolled back the version to see if it was firmware (still nothing) and then put it back to the latest (2.62?) It could be that the jack is just broken and I never noticed as I'd never used it before, which would be annoying. Just wondered if anyone has any suggestions? And I take it that it would be impossible to replace myselff?
  6. THe cable that comes with the variax is only for use with the Workbench interface, its definately not for using live, or conencting to the POD HD with.
  7. Firstly, i'd check your bridge and the blocks that hold your string in place. Are they over tightened? It doesnt take a lot to over tighten them, squash the string and weaken it at the point it exists the bridge. In terms of the tension, i'm not sure you can change it. Strings need a specific tension to be in tune, and the bridge springs need to equal that in order to keep the bridge floating. Was your ibanez a floating trem too?
  8. Yup, definately 10s. I have done complete string changes to both DR Neons and D'Addario 10s and didn't need to touch the trem tension at all. Still perfectly level and well set up.
  9. Are the thicker strings sitting in the saddle correctly? I'm thinking they're just not being picked up by the piezo element properly, or they are rubbing/vibrating in the saddle because they don't fit properly.
  10. another +1 for getting the proper cable. I've used the HD500 and JTV89F for a few gigs and it was spot on. Acoustic sounds there at the click of a footswitch and no problems at all. Recording through the rig is a dream too, changing guitars with a twist of a controller. :)
  11. I play ibanez, and even had an ESP modded with a lo-pro edge as I loved the lower trem so much. However I must say that I think the graphtech trem on the 89F is fine. Have gigged it, palm muted it and given it lots of stick and never noticed it being in the way at all
  12. If it was on Variax Mags as the input, what would happen if i needed to use a "normal" guitar in place of the variax?
  13. This functionality really threw me at first. Until i got to grips with the models, i just wanted to use my 89F on Mags only - with maybe one song in a set trying an acoustic patch. However, every time i changed patch the modelling would turn on - it was driving me nuts! I think it was after a lot of forum digging i found that whatever state the Variax is in when you save the patch (mags, or a modelled patch) then this is what it reverts to when you click it again. So i hjust had to select every patch, turn off modelling (light goes out), Save patch, repeat. Phew!
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