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I got gearbox to work on sierra =)

1. Install the new audiodrivers..

2. Use a program called Pacifist (

its a shareware program and opened the dmg file to show all the contents

3. Open the Gearbox.mpkg in Pacifist to install the packages one by one... BUT!!! Without the files already installed and without installing the old audio drivers ofcause =)

Try that..

Cheers! :P

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I tried that and got the result - incompatible drivers installed. 

Deleted Gearbox first

I installed Line 6 Audio-MidiDriver 7.6.5.dmg first then open the Gearbox 3.72.dmg in Pacifist

Gearbox was running but I could not transfer any of the tones from my Pod - Tone transfer failed Midi device timed out waiting for a response.

any ideas what went wrong?



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