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Amplifi and FPV 3 Effect Colors

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Is there a timeline when we will see the Effect Colors on the FPV 3?

Not really usefull this way!




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This is extremely annoying and makes me question the technical aptitude or business capacity of Line 6. This issue is 2 years old with like ZERO answer or progress from the company. I own a JTV guitar, Ampiifi amp and FBV 3 pedal, but will never ever buy another product or recommend because of this dead end product. It is all software from the amp to the pedal, any competent developer would have solved this problem or at least explain the issue.


So, I recommend AGAINST buying Line 6 now. The inability to even answer the question is disgusting from a customer experience standpoint, and this is what I now tell everyone. A couple of player friends sometimes borrow my practice rig, but I've told them don't bother to insvest a penny in your own because they don't even listen to customers, much less answer this simple question.

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You are not the only disappointed in the missing color coded rings when pairing FBV3 with Amplifi. There is a post for this on the Line 6 Idea scale, a place where end users can submit ideas or feature requests for Line 6 products. Consider up-voting this idea, Line 6 product managers do pay attention to idea scale.


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