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    Is Amplifi still being updated and improved?

    Updating the software? You mean, like responding to customers, making them satisfied and providing value? Is that what you expect? Who are YOU? You're asking if they are actually going to make the huge list of software fixes and reasonable enhancements normal customers would expect? NO! They are not. Fly by night amateurs. Read any one of these forums for the same exact story over and over again. Oh, the good piece of advice is to try contacting them and they may get back to you by the time they go out of business. Maybe they're all moonlighting for Russian hackers taking down governments while we pay them for crap products.
  2. pjroberts

    Severe Connectivity Issues

    I basically have to re - pair at every use. It is supremo lame. Also, an even bigger annoyance (amongst the 500 I have). Cloud synching never happens any more, constantly a failure: Cloud Update Pending The tone was save locally but could not be uploaded to My Tones. The tone will be updated automatically when a network connection becomes available. NOTE- My network connection is always up 99% of the time. (I'm a network SW engineer by day.) and then ... ERROR AN unexpected error was encountered. Please try again later. WHEN: What year will this start working again? Both errors flash up 4 x each before I can even use the app. LAME.
  3. pjroberts

    Amplifi, a lame Duck?

    Yes, Lame Duck is a good descriptor. This excuse of not what it was designed for is pitiful. The whole benefit of software based tone controls, amps, guitars, music instruments, etc - is that they are always being improved, constant innovation. That's what a true successful platform does. Otherwise, just buy a 1969 Fender amp and be done with it for 50 years. At least you know it will work reliably. Response to issues on the forums is the most pathetic I've ever seen (my day job is software, so I can tell you this is amateur hour here). In a day and age when the world is more and more dependent on software development, these guys are obviously hiring dregs of the universe in both software development, product support and company management. No inspiration here to buy anything from Line 6 every again.
  4. pjroberts

    Saving "My Tones" to FAVORITES

    Does Line 6 even support this product? I have never seen such pathetic participation by a software company. These guys are doomed, and certainly it looks like they've already committed this one to death row. At the end of the day that means dissatisfied customers and no repeat business. Like mine. Between a JTV guitar, a couple amps and pedal boards, I am basically done with any investment in crap supported products. There has been like ZERO advance in this for the last two years. Like the software team has been castrated. Or had no balls to begin with. Most questions on this board are unanswered for months or years. I for one will make this customer dissatisfaction known everywhere possible.
  5. pjroberts

    Amplifi and FPV 3 Effect Colors

    This is extremely annoying and makes me question the technical aptitude or business capacity of Line 6. This issue is 2 years old with like ZERO answer or progress from the company. I own a JTV guitar, Ampiifi amp and FBV 3 pedal, but will never ever buy another product or recommend because of this dead end product. It is all software from the amp to the pedal, any competent developer would have solved this problem or at least explain the issue. So, I recommend AGAINST buying Line 6 now. The inability to even answer the question is disgusting from a customer experience standpoint, and this is what I now tell everyone. A couple of player friends sometimes borrow my practice rig, but I've told them don't bother to insvest a penny in your own because they don't even listen to customers, much less answer this simple question.