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Firehawk 1500 just received

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I posted this in another thread by accident.


Received my Firehawk 1500 yesterday . Only had about nan hour with it as I had to update and learn some basics .


Over the next three days I will be digging in further. Will try the helix two XLR outs into the two FH monitor ins and the 1/4 helix out to the guitar input of the FH and see how that works for me as well. But that might not be for a few days as I really want to get my Firehawk tones created and saved without the helix first as I want to use this amp independently as well as try it out as an frfr cab.


I found one preset with the tread plate HD I believe and really liked it. So I tweaked it and moved some things abounds, used it More for lead playing notes, reduced some gains and other tweaks, but so far that is the only one I made as my own preset so far. Obviously there are a ton of amps and going to be awhile before I can scratch the surface.


A few things up front within my limited experience:


My FBV 3 seems to have all greenish colors except for mod. My stomps, reverbs, seem to be green like the delays. Anyway to change this ?


Also, my laptop did not recognize the amp. Line 6 updater doesn't show it in the window, I had to update via app. (Thank goodness for that feature ) EDIT, I DOWNLOADED THE LATEST DRIVER AND IT SHOWS UP NOW IN BOTH LINE 6 updater and in my computer.


FIXED see above ...

However, the same USB cord and port, instantly recognized the FBV for upgrading . So right now, my FH is not showing as an audio interface. I might reset the amp to factory default and see what happens.


I didn't hear difference with mono, stereo and wide stero settings, maybe I am doing something wrong ? from the amp, so not sure if it was just the patch or if this actually has little effect on amp and more effect on the outs to PA ?


It looks like it came in perfect shape. Have not inspected it 100% yet in full lighting, but I didn't have the panel board glue issues and it seems that everything physically is in perfect shape, thankfully .


Fixed now

More thoughts and maybe recording direct if I can get it to be recongnised as interface. I can record via out to my focusrite 2i4, but I want this thing to work as an interface and record direct that way as it should be able to.


Fixed and works fine

I hope I don't have a bad USB on the FH side. Will try a reset and another laptop just to see


Any suggestions would be appreciated





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FYI- When I updated my FH-1500 firmware, it takes a good LONG while to do. Let it update, and go to bed. In the morning it should be done.

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Thanks spikes,


It did take awhile over Bluetooth , and the update took with no issues. It was a good idea from the line 6 designers to incorporate the ability for updates from within the app.


A separate issue with my FBV 3 regarding the lights were green for drives when they should green be only for delays, line 6 suggested redoing the update on both. but after i realized my drivers needed to be updated ( only because line 6 updater did not see my FH 1500. )


I redid the update over USB and it went fairly quickly, I have read some people waiting long time for the update to complete though.


But I am on the latest firmware so no issues there.


Now The only thing I need to do now, is to take the FBV 3 and connect to a new spider V at a store, (line. 6 suggested this as this will determine if it's the floor or the FH 1500 sending wrong info ) to see if the lights correspond to the correct effects.


It's not affecting the effects themselves, it still chooses the correct drive , comp, only the indicator lights are green, in which Orange is the color it's having a problem with. It does show blue for mods and pinkish for synths, etc. bottom row is showing reds for indicating which patch I am on.

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