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Neat little trick !!!!


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Whilst creating a patch involving an external pedal I stumbled across something pretty cool, however I don't know if it's damaging to the helix. I had all the ins and outs in the wrong place and unplugged one of the leads from the fx box. When I touched the possitve tip of the lead it produced whale/seagull noises a la David Gilmour in Echos and many other Pink Floyd songs. The longer held t on the tone chanced and you can pulse on and off for some cool effects. The original sound is produced by a wha pedal being plugged in back to front and to tone pot being manipulated on a strat, I don't think you can do this with helixs on board effects and a variax. Here is a vid of how it's "supposed" to be done. If I get chance I will do one of my way 😀


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