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Are the factory presets changed after 2.10?


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As the title says, I'm wondering if there really are updates to most of the factory presets after the recent update? 

I have noticed a couple of people stating that the factory presets now sound considerably better, but I'm wondering if this is just a placebo effect, as the release notes says: "- Minor updates to the Factory Preset bundle". :-)


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I don't see any parameter tweaks to any of the presets I spot-checked while building the change list. I agree any perceived difference is likely placebo effect. It could also be due to the recommended globals reset. Some people may have forgotten to turn their input pad back on, or maybe they lost their old setting of outs to mic level, or any of a number of other globals that now cause them to have a slightly hotter output which will always sound "better" just because it's louder.

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