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Line 6 Backtrack

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Today I recieved my Line 6 Backtrack (without mic). I imediatly plugged it into my computer to charge (as directed). I let it charge for about 2 hours, then I decided to give it a try. I unplugged it and swithed it to the on position...nothing happened, the led did not even come on. I assumed it didnt charge long enough, so I plugged it in for another 1-2 hours. Then unplugged it, switched it to the on position, and again...same results.

When It is plugged in and charging, the led is white, but it slowly blinks never turning all the way off and when the USB jack is connected I can see files and folders on the backtrack device

What should I do?

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I still use one (with the mic) as its a great field recorder for its size. Did you install the software and drivers for it? The software lets you adjust the settings and such. Double check the switch setting too there were three positions off-play-on.

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