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how create "good" Distortion tone in Line

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Last week I bought aAmplifi TT
I encountered a problem in reproducing sounds distorted with headphones or entering directly into a mixer or Hi-Fi: distortion look like a "mosquito" and are not true to distortion reproduced by amps + effects pedals.
A friend of mine, owner of a 
pod hd500x , explained to me that he had encountered the same problem with the Pod and solved it by acting on an output adjustment (line or amp) on a particular menu of Pod.

I have looked for in the menu of AmplifiTT but i have not found it.

There is the possibility to correct this problem nell'Amplifi TT?

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Does your tone have an Amp Cab in it? if it is missing, any sounds with distortion will sound like a mosquito swarm. If you have, and the cab is the appropriate one for the amp (sometimes, mismatched cabs also give you a buzzfest), then try to turn on the Parametric post-EQ on the tone and reduce the hi-freq shelf by -3 db at 5000Hz or higher... you can toy with the frequency until it you get as close as you can to your goal and then go up/down with the db adjustment (keep it in the negative range, though) until it sounds best to you.

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