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POD X3 Live: encoder's digital signal coupled to audio signal

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Hi folks,


I hope you will be able to help me and appreciate if you take the time to read my long post..


Well the story here is that on my POD X3 Live every time I use any of the encoders/knobs/exp pedal except the Master Vol; the digital signal that is sent to I guess the main microprocessor gets coupled to the audio signal and thus heard through the outputs. On my troubleshooting, the signal does not seem to get coupled on the processed audio chain as it cannot be heard on the effect loops (pre/post), headphones, USB. I guess it happens when it is in the analog world in the Digital/analog converter (Codec1) that leads to the "Live Out" Outputs.


A little background about how it started: It happens that I moved over to Europe and while I was pretty aware of the Voltage difference I kind of assume the Line 6 power adapter also supported 220v like any decent power adapter (shame on Line 6). Well it happened that I burnt out the POD and the unit did not work for around 1 year. I simply refused to let the unit die so after a lot of researching, finding the official service manual and some troubleshooting (reconnecting the unit and tracing the smoke generated); I managed to identify that the diodes of the Bridge rectifier AC/DC converter were damaged along the only very big capacitor inside. So, I replaced those component and guess what? Voila, unit back to live!! Only problem? the coupling described above.


So yes, I am pretty sure something else got damaged. I am not an electronics savvy, reason I seek for help. I reckon it is very hard to help by not diagnosing the actual unit. But I wonder if someone else experienced something similar or is able to identify possible vulnerable pieces by looking at the POD schematics and my feedback.




Btw. I do have a multi-meter :)




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It turns out that while not reassembly completely the chassis (every single screw), this issue is present. As soon as I reassembled everything, the issue was gone.


I guess it needed the ground mass to offload the unwanted signals to ground..

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