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  1. I would also like to hear as of today Nov 2018, there is a solution to using all the speakers in a NOT Wet/Dry/wet fashion? I am considering buying the FH1500 as opposed of the Power Cab (I like the added features). But I really need to be able to use all speakers, specially since I will be pairing it up with a Kemper.
  2. cags12

    Enhancements? UPDATES?

    What they need to do with the Variax is to open the protocol and use standard MIDI. Then you can use whatever Wireless BTLE MIDI Adapter you want or any other device with your Variax. The main reason I do not buy a Variax is because I am forced to use a L6 processor. Although I do like their processors and have had several of them, I am currently experimenting with other ones and hate when a brand tries to keep you in their ecosystem like Apple. The best thing to do is to interoperate. Currently running a GK guitar until I see a more appealing Variax instrument which btw, I would love it would be available as a kit.
  3. What a bummer, I would love to upgrade my Amplifi 150 with the PowerCab to use with my Kemper. I use the Bluetooth option a LOT for Jaming along. I would have expected at least the Plus to had this features. At the very least an Aux in. It is silly but at this moment the Amplifi is more appealing to me due this missing features of the PC. I know the PC is thought to a more professional use but even the Mission Engineering Gemini 2 has Bluetooth option (too expensive for me though). Line 6 folks, are there any plans to include this on a hardware revision or is there any reason not to include it?
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    No Bluetooth or Aux In option? Bummer

    USB connectivity for the sake of playing tracks although possible, is not very flexible in many situations but yeah, definitely an option. Now my next question. Would anyone consider the Firehawk over the Power Cab and why? FRFR strictly speaking and not the different specific features.
  5. cags12

    No Bluetooth or Aux In option? Bummer

    Well they do have Bluetooth in the Firehawk 1500 which is also intended to pro professional an live use. The ME Gemini also has an option and at that price point it is definitely professional and live use. I know I would not get an official response. Sometimes we do things with false hopes and implicitly venting a disappointment.
  6. I have just bought an Amplifi 75 (latest firmware) with the intention of replacing my POD X3 and consolidate it with nice features like the Bluetooth streaming. Also looking to use it as an FRFR system for possibly new moddelers (Kemper or Atomic amplifire) when I had the money. I have dialed in the same patches I had in my X3 into the Amplifi but surprise surprise, they sound totally different even though they are based on the same tech. Interestigly enough, when using Headphones they sound very closed but when using the Speaker, they are totally different (Lack of frequencies). When I connet the POD via the headphone out into the aux in, the audio gets reproduced by all the speakers (True FR) and sounds like it is supposed. However, when using the guitar Jack on the Amplifi, either by using the newly dialed in patch directly from the guitar or using the POD through its Guitar ouput into a full blank patch; it is clear not all the speakers are being used and a lot of intended frequencies are lost = bad tone. The big question here is: If any modeller system (including the Amplifi) needs to be reproduced through an FRFR system to take advantage of the amp and cab sims, why the heck Line6 chose not to use all the speakers when using the internal modelling for accurate reproduction? Does anyone else experience the same or is it possible my amp is defective? Just to note: the Bluetooth streaming sounds great using all the speakers as well andI am finding myself still using the POD and the amplifi only for mixing all together. Not exactly "the amp reinvented".
  7. Response from Line 6 support. "I have seen this happen with some guitars that have active electronic, or come with a built-in preamps such as the MusicMan guitar that is pictured in the attached file. I've had one person create a buffer with a cable, that made the noise go away. So I know what you mean. However, this should not be happening with passive guitars like Stratocasters or Telecasters or Les Pauls. If you continue to encounter this issue with passive guitars, then it maybe something in the environment. Otherwise there is a chance it could be the transmitter itself. If it continues to happen, I would suggest getting the G10 system replace with your retailer." So I will contact my retailer for a replacement.
  8. Thank you. That was my understanding. I have opened my support ticket and still waiting for response. I have one guitar en special that the issue is very bad though and was the one that made me realize the issue existed.
  9. I wont give up either. I might be wrong though. Will open my support case too.
  10. Ok I have done some more troubleshooting based on other posts and it seems the high frequency (2.4Ghz) gets oddly leaked from the G10's Antenna to the Tip/Hot signals and this it is heard on the amp. When I used a regular cable and in the other end a female-female 1/4inch adapter with the G10 transmitter connected to it, the noise is gone unless I move the transmitter close to the guitar. This clearly shows the transmitter's communications with the receiver is the source of the noise and gets coupled though the audio path on the guitar side. I doubt there is a solution to this unless they release a G10 operating at 5Ghz, even then, not sure the signal would be heard. This issue totally defeats the purpose of the G10.
  11. It took me long to realize about that sound because all my patches use Noise gates. Yesterday I went to create a patch from scratch and had not included the gate and there is when I realized about the high pitch noise. Yeah a noise gate is a workaround but still I believe there must be something wrong with the unit. Did I mention the noise is still there even with no guitar plugged in? Does that happen to you?
  12. I just came to the Forum looking for other reports of the same issue. I have noticed the same on my less than a week unit. The high frequency ringing happens even if I do not plug the transmitter to any guitar and I just press the on/off button. Of course it happens with all my guitars, Passive or Active, Adaptor plug or not. I was about to open my own support ticket.
  13. Has anyone tried fitting a a wireless transmitter inside their instrument? I am thinking on disassembling a Line 6 relay G10 or G30, taking the circuit off and fitting inside my guitar on the existing control cavity (no routing). Space is a constrain so the transmitter with smallest footprint would be great. Battery type and voltage also important to make it convenient for recharging. What about other brands? It seems the JOYO JW0-1 is a very neat inexpensive option with minimal footprint. Not sure about the quality. If I were to use the G10, charging and channel selection I believe could be accomplished by using a short stereo cable and a TRS jack on the guitar. What I do not like about the G10 is the ON/OFF mechanism (it would need a hack) and that it can only be paired to only one transmitter at a time and changing guitars/transmitters would mean reconnecting to the dock to get them paired. On the other hand the G30 does have an easy ON/OFF switch and supports multiple transmitters in different channels but does not uses a nice rechargeable battery and size of internal component is unknown. I am being curious if someone has tried something similar with the G10 or any other wireless system.
  14. Cool, thanks for confirming. I may suggest a solution for this if you are interested. Use this 9-lug jack connector: http://www.stewmac.com/Pickups_and_Electronics/Components_and_Parts/Jacks/9-lug_Stereo_Jack.html You can wire it up so the Ring is not used for powering up ATG, therefore allowing the G10T to operate perfectly. For powering ATG you would simply use one of the other two isolated switches.
  15. Hey Sacco - What relay model do you use with ATG? G10? by reading the interoperability notes, I suspect the G10 will have issues with sensing when connecting to the guitar. The AT-200 uses a "soft" power on pulling up a wire to 5v, again, I suspect the G10 will not like it unless using the mono plug adapter. This is on normal use, not on my plan of installing internally.
  16. Good to know. Thanks for that.
  17. I am researching before buying my wireless system. I wonder if the Dock station allows plugging a mono (or stereo?) cable as Aux-in effectively bypassing the wireless stage.????? If not possible today, it would be a nice feature for a new revision, wouldn't it? Even adding tuner output like the G50.
  18. We have spoken before about ATG. I am the also Venezuelan fella who chated with you over Facebook once. Yeah, I will make that test prior doing any permanent modification to the transmitter. I will also incorporate the Quiccosound mi.1 for wireless MIDI.
  19. mmm I wonder what might be happening there. You know, in the end the hot wire is pretty close to the transmitter. Well, it is part if its assembly. The TIP of the embedded jack. I will give it a try anyway and see. Still not sure what of the system I will go for. Almost completely leaned towards the G10. BTW. this is to be installed on my ATG guitar.
  20. I am not sure about this. Are you quite sure? Although the wireless signal could couple to the hot signal, 2.4Ghz frequencies are not audible for the human, amps or speakers. So it would not have real impact. Unless I am missing something?
  21. Thank you. I was just wondering if the jack were the transmitter hooks for charging could be used as input signal. I am pretty sure it cant but better ask. Perhaps there is a workaround or something possible.
  22. Yeah, I believe charging and channel selection could be accomplished by using a short stereo cable and a TRS jack on the guitar. Virtually routing through the standard jack the power from the dock receiver. The only hack I see it would require is in the ON/OFF mechanism. I am still considering the G30 instead. Both G10 and G30 have their Pros and Cons. I just wish the G10 receiver had a selector of multiple transmitters. Does somebody have pictures of the guts of both transmitters?
  23. Well, This is mainly for use at home so no need for long ranges. Waves go through wood. The main problem would be if your electronics cavity is shielded (mine is not) and the Faraday cage it forms. In such cases the antenna can always be installed in such way that it is exposed to the outside world similar to the G50 transmitter that has a metal case. I know it has been done before, I am just curious for others peoples solutions.
  24. cags12

    Voltage max for G30 TX

    Something similar to the Fishman universal battery pack but with a L6 relay circuit would be excellent indeed. Something that could be easily installed on any guitar with decent cavity and a rechargeable battery ala G10. The plate should allow controlling the channel and ON/Off. If I do not go with the G30 in my project, I might go with the G10. Channel selection and charging could be done using a TRS jack in the guitar that connects to the dock.
  25. cags12

    Voltage max for G30 TX

    I just stumbled on this post. I was looking to use the G10 for the same purpose as you but it would seem the G30 is more practical in this case. Would you mind posting a picture of the inside your cavity? I am looking to see how small the unit can get by removing the case. Thank you