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Back to my PODHD500


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Hey all,


I've had the HD500 since early 2013. 

Used it for all my live situations for 2 years, then I started to carry my rack which includes an Axe-Fx II XL.


The Axe-Fx was intended for recording needs originally, but after I added a wireless system and an IEM to the rack, I felt it would be easier to go live with the rack. 


Of course, compared to the POD, it was way too heavy, but I was only playing 2-3 times a year with my metal band so it was no problem.


Now, with a new project that I'm involved, and another on its way, I'm going to get into more live situations. So I turned back to the POD, upgraded the FW, made new presets that sound way better than the previous ones, and I really LIKE IT!


Not only the sounds, I like the connectivity options too.. The Balanced XLR outs go to the FOH, 1/4" out to the IEM (to hear myself at least, if no out from the FOH is available). 


I'm happy to reconnect with my POD. Oh and at home, the best experience is when i connect it to an Atomic CLR. Yes, I wouldn't have had an Atomic if I hadn't had the Axe-Fx but I do, so I gave it a try and being known for its transparency, the CLR gives me the real intended sound of the POD and is a true reference for what I will get at a venue where I get direct out to FOH.


PS. The only drawback with my POD is the Parametric Global EQ which is completely impossible to use. I have a thread about it here at the forum.

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I am also starting to use my second HD500 after selling my first one to a friend who needed it for his dream rig.That was a couple years ago.The POD is tough to beat for convenience/ connectivity/ great all in one device.The only thing I have given up on is the cab modeling.I bought a passive Palmer cab simulator and just use that after the POD and its very good.I may investigate an IR loader for it at some point but the Palmer is surprisingly good.I think a lot of players use them.

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The global EQ IMO is for when all else fails or switching amplification and you don't feel like loading a preEQ'd setlist (one for cabs one for FRFR btw).


Once you see yourself adding the same EQ or similar settings in the individual patches - make yourself a template patch you can paste over and over again. Then you only need to nudge the curves when needed.

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