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Pod Pro Won't Connect To Mk 2 Floorboard


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New to the forum and to Line 6. I purchased a used Pod pro and a used mk2 floorboard, the floorboard won't connect to the pod. According to the person who sold me the floorboard, it worked fine using the CAT5 cable with his desktop software. I have googled for solutions and have found nothing. Except one person who complained on harmonycentral that the two are not compatible, even though it says they are on the line 6 site. I would not have purchased the pod pro had I known there would be this problem. I read somewhere about a firmware upgrade for the pod pro, how do I do that when there is no USB port on the Pod pro...


My question is: are these two units compatible? If so, how do I achieve making them work together?


Please help as I am out of options here and I need something for an out-of-country show later this month.

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the original pod pro uses the "floorboard" and not an FBV or FBV MKII.


the fbv mk2, will work fine with "desktop software"....


the board you need is no longer made, but you can find it here:

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