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Glitch when switching to patch with distortion in .


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Just got hold of a used Bass Pod , love it appart from one thing .


When I set up a patch with distortion in , when I switch to that patch I press the footswitch and it is like I have hit the


footswitch twice !


Any help would be useful .



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Some further info......................


The above only happens when I download and save a patch ( that has  distortion / drive in it ) from the Lin6 Custom Tone  .


Any distortions . overdrives that are " factory pre sets " are ok .



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Operator error ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! !


1) I was looking for a decent distortion sound ( hence only happening on distortion )


2) I was downloading from Line6 Custom sounds


3) When I downloaded onto my PC , I was " tweeking on screen " and moving to a patch position on the pedal ( stilll on screen )


4) I was NOT using SYNC to match the pedal up to the PC


5) When the pedal was pressed it firstly went to "factory pre set " then went to my Modified sound - hence the "glitch "


SORRY for any bother or wasted time


NOW A VERY HAPPY CHAPPY ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



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