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HD500x: Cannot send midi CC to switch EXP 1 to EXP 2


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I cannot figure out how to send a midi CC to from Cubase to switch EXP 1 to EXP 2.


Setup:  EXP 1 = midi cc 1.  EXP 2 = midi cc 2.  TOE SWITCH = midi cc 59. (wah wah assigned)


EXP 1: I use as expression pedal to crossfade between clean & dirty amps.  Midi control works awesome.

EXP 2: I use as wah wah.  Stepping on Toeswitch engages Wah wah and switches to ExP 2. Works awesome.



However, if i send a toggle message on midi cc 59, (to simulate Toeswitch) the wah wah engages, but the expression pedal stays on EXP 1, so it doesn't "wah", it crossfades.


If i add a toggle message on midi cc 2 (to switch to EXP 2) the wah comes on, but stays on EXP 1 so it doesn't Wah.

If i add a toggle on midi cc1 it switches to my clean channel and wah comes on but stays on EXP 1 so it doesn't Wah.

If i add a toggle message on both 1 and 2, it switches to clean, wah comes on, BOTH EXP lights go on, but it's still working as EXP 1, so no wah wah, just crossfades.


I've tried assigning EXP 1, and then 2, and then both to midi cc59 (the toe switch),  same problem.


To get both EXP lights off i have to unplug it.

I just upgraded to the new firmware.


Surely somebody has gotten a midi control of the expression pedal to switch somehow?



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I think you may have run into a bug. I just tried what I think it is you want to do. I sent CC59 (value doesn't matter) from Reaper through a cheap usb-to-midi device to the HD500X. I get no response from the HD500X. Both the LEDs do eventually light up though, so something happens. The midi activity log in ReaControlMIDI shows the message was sent (B0 3B 7F [CC59] chan 1 val 127). To confirm the midi communication works, toggling the footswitches works fine, and controlling EXP1 (CC1) and EXP2 (CC2) works fine, although don't look at the HD500X's screen as it doesn't seem to update in real time. Both EXP1 and EXP2 can even be controlled at the same time. I'm assuming you want to just toggle the onboard expression pedal so that you can use it manually with your foot? Otherwise, you can automate whatever is assigned to EXP1 and EXP2 via midi.

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Yes, I want to trigger the toe switch via midi (toggle CC59) so I don't have to worry about stomping on it live.


It *should* switch to EXP 2 and engage the wah wah pedal... but clearly it does not.


Anybody else have this problem, or a solution?

Any chance of a LINE 6 reply?

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Opened a ticket.


they confirm this cannot be done at this time.



 " it looks like you're come across an incompatibility issue with the HD500X. Originally the HD500X was able to transfer MIDI to another device, it was not able to receive MIDI from various devices/controllers. Since then this has been improved based on customer requests, but not all features are guaranteed to work



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