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Smoother transitions when switching patches.(workaround)


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I found a way to smooth patch changes on the fly, it definitely not for everyone or every situation but with practice can be made to work in a creative fashion. 


Use the looper function at the end of the chain and loop a suitable cross over section.(simpler the better)

Then pull out of the looper and select next patch while loop is in playback then play new patch while  you switchfoot boogie  deleting or turning off the loop and exiting looper mode!


A little cross over section to present your looping skills when really all along you just want to change patches.


How quick you can do it and then just use it creatively!


Now you know why it is such a short loop! LOL haha

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Wow, that's asking a lot in concentration especially if it's an organic show where the grooves are based on the audience response. Also, one time I had the looper get stuck and had to power cycle to stop it (Not the POD, but a Spider Valve). As you say, it's not for everyone. I always wished there was a spillover, but that topic has been disected over the years!

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Yes it is the foot switch boogie and takes some planning ahead practice but it is possible. 

Most will change patches on a song by song basis or just mute and change but thought I'd add it as a transition solution after I was playing with it one day and found it a great way to change patches creatively. Definitely not for everyone! Thanks for your feedback!


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Cool idea, but way too complicated for me...  I can't dance.


I found that setting up a basic preset with my Clean and Dirty amp, and "must have" pedals (noise gate, screamer, EQ, Reverb, 2nd EQ, Wah, Delay)

covers most of my song needs. 


Then I use the expression pedal to smoothly crossfade between the clean & dirty amps as needed, no dropout, just a smooth crossfade, or a really quick one... plus I can midi program it on my laptop to do it automatically


If I have a song that requires something else, I adjust the setup and make a preset for that song.  Then yes, I'd have to switch to that preset before the song starts.  It's works for me well this way though.


2 cents.

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