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User Favorites Display Mode for Blocks and Presets


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So long as the features you do use or want to use are not bogged down or rendered more cumbesome by the features you do not use, there is minimal downside to the having the unused features on board Helix.


The main area where this may become an issue is in the Block type menus. Here it could be useful to hide those items that are of no interest. Thus, the list types would be more concise. Currently this is not much of an issue. Over time, as the number of Amps, Cabs, and FX offerings grow by dozens, those lists will be longer to scroll through and select from. Another method, perhaps more suited for users already familiar with what they do and do not care for, could be a means to Favorite their desired Block elements. A Favorites Block display mode, would show only a users Favorited Block Type elements.


An extension of this Favorites concept could also be applied to facilitate much quicker comparisons amongst and between several different amps, cabs, FX, and Presets. The associated lists (when in Favorites mode) would only show those user Favorited items. This would allow quickly selecting amongst just a few (all presumably on the same display) for rapidly jumping between them to hear the differences.


Here's the IdeaScale Post to vote it up!


[Note: There is another IdeaScale post whose title includes the term: "Favorite." That other submission regards the ability to Save a user's preferred configuration of the parameters of any Block, so that the saved Block (customized with a User's preferred parameters, rather than factory defaults) may be available for recall. That other IdeaScale submission is also worth a positive vote!]

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