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DL4 question: howto switch from clean to effect sound without calling a preset

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I'm trying to use a DL4 with my clavia nord electro keyboards. The DL4 sits on my keys and I'm adjusting the effect settings and the tap tempo with one hand while playing the keys with the other hand (while let's say switch "A" is activated). 


Next I want to play something "clean" (i.e. without delay effect) and simply hit switch "A" to >True Bypass< the device. Now after some time I want to reactivate the DL4 again and want to resume with the effect settings that were in place before going to bypass (i.e. delay time, repeats etc. as I had set them while playing before going to clean sound).


Could anyone tell me how this can possibly be done (i.e. simply deactivate the "bypass" mode)? Hitting "A" again simply re-calls the preset stored under that button which obviously now is completely different from the current knob settings ... (overwriting the user preset with the current knob settings everytime before going to clean does not make sense for me...) 


Or is this simply not possible with the DL4?





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maybe this is the same issue i'm having but thought it was due to, [see this topic "DL4 with expression pedal"], not turning-off/on the DL4 to save a new setting, then mess about & come back to what i thought should be a saved setting, and i don't hear it.



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