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Settings for Helix as effects only into front of clean amp?


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I have just bought a Morgan PR12 as I wanted a nice simple clean amp for home playing. If I want to use my Helix for effects only into the front (The Morgan has no effects loop), Where should I set the Volume knob, is full volume unity gain with no amp model engaged?


What about the impedance setting, leave it at 'auto'?





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My suggestion would be to connect one of Helix's FX Sends to the front of your amp.

Set Helix's Global > I/O (for the FX Send you use) to Instrument Level.

Insert the selected FX Send Block after your other FX in your Signal Path. It is very easy to move should you desire.

Leave the Guitar Z setting at "Auto."

Many prefer changing Helix's Guitar In Pad to "On." (The Default is "Off").


Alterntaively, you may use Helix's Main Out.

Set Helix's Global >I/O for the Main Ou to Instrument Level.

Helix's Main Vol Knob will control the signal level to your Amp unless you reconfigure it in Global I/O.

You may insert a Vol Block (already assigned to Helix's built in Foot Pedal) near the end of your Signal Path.

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Thanks, got it. Helix sounds very good straight into the front of my Morgan PR12, no colouration of core tone and the drives are excellent, especially the Klon, Timmy and OCD models. The reverbs and delays sound great too.


Full volume sounds like unity to me with no effects engaged.

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