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Clean boost interaction with master volume on amp


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As I thought about how to get a different tone without adding external OD pedals, I remembered reading how people crank up or turn down the amp master volume depending on what kind of breakup they're after.   What has your experience been with that and the choice of an effect ahead of the amp (s) -- e.g. choose a vetta juice instead of a screamer?

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I tend to go for high gain models that can be cleaned up.

The master on the amp I used to crank full to rule out too many variations

between amp models when trying to level match different amps.


To really hear the interaction the master on the amp gives just play with the gain knob

with it in the extremes.


But cleaning up a high gain model so that it is slightly crunch or clean needs the master up.

The other DEP parameters have more effect as well with it up

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I use the Vintage Pre quite often. It has a little breakup to it and the LPF and HPF can make a nice shaped boost...The works nice on cleaner patches where it can be effective before the amp model...For clean boost, I most often use the mid focus EQ after the amp...It's a bandpass filter that can be run flat or with mid shape for leads...just depends...

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