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Line 6 Pod Xt - Line 6 Pod Ux1 - Garage Band


Hi want to do that chain so i can record the line 6 pod xt through the line 6 ux 1 into garage band. My currently way to do it is line 6 pod xt left output to line 6 ux1 guitar input and usb into my macbook. i have changed the audio in in garageband preferences to the ux 1 and the audio out to my computer. when i choose virtual instrument, then whatever i do it just keep scratchung in the speekers, i cant get any signal through. please help. this should work!?

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Why do you want to run the PODxt into the UX1?


You are adding an extra D/A to A/D conversion that is not needed.


You should be able to use the PODxt directly to GB via USB.


Also, which ever interface you are using (PODxt or UX1), you need to connect your speakers directly to it.

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