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manual working of amplifi 150


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I bought an Amplifi 150 abroad in Turkey, I am from the UK. The amplifi 150 has never worked, there is no customer support out here. The amp does not appear to work manually other than four basic uncustomizable presets. The software has not worked with Android 4.22 tablet, or 4.42 android phone, I tried with my apple imac and my windows 7 laptop and nothing there either. The commercials clearly say this amp works with Android 4 and above? Also, what happens if the batteries on your tablet run out during a gig? Also I managed to get the software onto my android tablet but it would not connect with the ampplifi 150 even though it showed a connection. Then after three years of trying to get this thing to work, I get a message saying my software license for the amp has expired. What happens if your license expires in the middle of a gig? I have never known as stupid an idea as this amp. Basically you are buying something which does not work and you are a slave to the Line 6 website. I was perfectly happy with my Line 6 pod farm external audio hardware for recording into my laptop, great, but this Amplifi 150 is totally redundant, may be I can use it as a monitor. Anyway my question us, can anyone please tell me if there is a way to bypass all this harmful electromagnetic wireless nonsene and work the amp manually. Nick.


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