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Using Pod Farm with a Pod XTLive

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Is it possible to use Pod Farm with a Pod XTLive or do I have to buy one of their interfaces - the GX, UX1 or UX2. I already own a Pod XTLive, would be nice to be able to use that. If it's possible, does a Pod XTLive work as well as one of the interfaces?





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I don't think Pod Farm sounds great with the XTL. It seems to have a bit of a latency problem.


So, I tried using Pod Farm with just my Scarlett 2i2 interface - seems to work well. Not having a Line 6 interface - like the GX or UX1 or 2, I'm not sure how the Focusrite Scarlett compares. Anyone know if I need to buy one of the Line 6 interfaces, or if the Scarlett 2i2 will work just as good?

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The Scarlett should work just as well as a UX. There are some other guys here who use PF way more than I do so I am sure they will chime in eventually. But the forums may already have some info in them related to PF and interfaces.

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