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POD Pro not powering up correctly


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I bought a Pod Pro and i opened it up and there was 1,2v chip in it. I also have POD 2.0 with 2.3v chip inside, so it thought i will try to switch chips, and it didnt work, only two lights on the left and on the right where are theres holes like vents lighted up. And now when i put my originaal 1.2v chip back into POD Pro, same thing happes, only lights and the pod wont power up and the chip heats up really good. I there a chance that when 2.3v chip is applied, the pods brain goes grazy or something? no i need to reset te battery inside, or firmware?




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Yes it was working. If ill try to reinstal firmware with midi to usb cable will it work?


No, the POD Pro can handle patch edits via MIDI SysEx, but firmware has to be a physical EPROM swap (meaning it is on a hardware chip that the POD Pro itself cannot program).


The firmware between the two units isn't compatible at all.

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